Save Our Stages Petition

Source: Save Our Stages is focused on generating support for the RESTART Act (S. 3814/H.R. 7481) in the US Congress, which would supply funding to small music venues among other entities. The site allows US citizens to send messages in support to their representatives. Excerpts follow.

Venues are experiencing upwards of 90% revenue loss and will be closed well into 2021 due to safety concerns posed by large gatherings. Without support from Congress, 90% of NIVA’s independent venues across America say they will be forced to close their doors forever.

This would also take a toll on our local economy. Independent music venues are economic multipliers, community builders, and beloved institutions. A Chicago study estimated that $1 spent at a small venue resulted in $12 of economic activities for neighboring restaurants, hotels and retail shops. Venues drive revenue to other businesses in cities and towns across America. What would our communities look like without them?

These venues closing permanently would also impact the entire music economy and ecosystem in America – artists, talent agents, stagehands, security, catering, artist managers, tour bus industry, production, radio/social media/tv/print advertising, record companies, and many others.

The closure of these venues would be devastating for music lovers. The cultural impact of our venues on our local communities is priceless. We are the steadfast incubators and launch pads for the most popular talent in the world.