AMN Reviews: Jarguna / Seetyca – Tales of Millennial Trees (2020; Projekt Records)

This ambient / electronic release is a dense mixture of organic, primal sounds derived from field recordings, synths, loops, and found-object percussion. Unlike the darker side of the ambient coin, Tales of Millennial Trees evokes a natural warmth – a forest or landscape filled with strange flora and fauna. Crackling elements reside on top of slowly-wafting waves of synths, with odd beats as well as rhythmless percussion. Nonetheless, all is not peaceful in this autochthonous world, as there is an underlying peril to those who do not tread carefully. This tenebrosity is not necessarily intentional, but is instead the result of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection.

Across nearly 70 minutes, Jarguna and Seetyca collaborate on rich, heady drones surrounded by the humid and rough textures of an ancient forest. Birds call in the distance while echoing patterns and pulses build a soundscape both familiar and alien. To the extent that these sounds are cinematic, they would more comfortably fit a documentary than a drama. Nonetheless, this effort stands apart from traditional synth-driven works, and for that reason alone comes recommended.

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