AMN Reviews: Exit in Grey – Control Points (2020; Muzyka Voln)

Exit in Grey is a one-person Russian dark ambient / drone project of Sergey Suhovik. He employs synths, electric guitar, voice, and processing to create mildly-distorted drones with background field recordings and other noises. The synths generate mid-frequency and low-frequency waves while Suhovik layers long-held guitar notes. Of the three pieces on Control Points, two are just over 20 minutes in length, while the third tops out around 8.

In the opening track, Ferro, there are some haunting aspects, but heavy use of the recordings and effects results in the overall feel of a lively forest with loud fauna chirping, calling, and squawking. Beneath these elements, the drones roil slightly. Eventually, this evolves into a rapidly shimmering wall that slowly fades. Lamontines follows, with a bright synth base and undulating, discordant drones that approach and recede. Eventually, there is a shift into a style that is similar to Ferro, but with a different sound and feel. Pyramid, the shortest offering, rounds out the album with circular guitar-oriented themes and echoing synth disquiet.

Control Points manages to combine traditional synth music, dark ambient influences, and a twist of musique concrete without being clearly directed toward any of these genres. Thus, it is a good option for followers of such genres or anyone looking for an exploratory listen.