AMN Reviews: Fulmedesh – Caracoles de una Ciudad Enterrada (2020; Pan y Rosas)

Fulmedesh is the duo of Mariela Arzadun (Arp Odyssey, Volca bass, guitar, field recordings, and poems) and Pan y Rosas label head Keith Helt (guitar, pedals, flute, keyboard, drums, computer, and poems). Caracoles de una Ciudad Enterrada is a truly long-distance collaboration, with Arzadun in Buenos Aires and Helt in Chicago. Together, they offer a mash-up of styles and techniques, with acoustic instruments, field recordings, waves of gritty synth, and spoken word elements.

To that point, Forced Landing on the Stomach of a Turtle features a strong sequenced synth line, a repeated background poem, light percussion, and various other effects and samples. In contrast,  Pájaros Cantan Pulsos Espirales overlays processed voices, a subtle beat, and occasional sweeping synths.

Arzadun and Helt’s style of improvisation is not free – each piece has a rough structure and an ordering of events. Despite these core forms, they leave enough opened-end that there is a freshness and sense of unpredictability that permeates these tracks. Between that and its glitchy, spliced nature, Caracoles de una Ciudad Enterrada is a pleasant all-around listen.  Recommended.