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AMN Reviews: Llyn Y Cwn – Twll Du (2019; Cold Spring Records)

“Windswept” is a term that fits Twll Du (Black Hole), the upcoming release – sixth overall, it seems – from Llyn Y Cwn (Lake Of The Dogs). Invoking either primeval landscapes or outer space, these deep drones somehow manage to be both utterly overwhelming and suitable for background listening depending on your volume level.

Each piece was crafted from a field recording as well as overlaid synths. The latter is not significantly layered.  Instead, the recording and the musical elements are laid beside one another. So arranged, the former provides environmental white noise while the latter swells and drifts. The result is a set of dark, ominous sound walls and atmospherics. A suitable example is the third track, Cwn Cneifion, which features ponderous drones and washes over rumbling that resembles a distant thunderstorm or the destruction of a star.

While the overall approach and sound over the course of the album do not vary dramatically, they are unusual enough to remain interesting throughout. Thus, Twll Du is a compelling slab of dark ambiance recommended for fans of Lustmord in particular.