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AMN Reviews: Patrick Shiroishi / Dylan Fujioka / Paco Casanova – Kage Cometa (2018; FMR Records)

Saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi is back with a new release, this time teaming up with keyboardist Paco Casanova and drummer Dylan Fujioka (who plays with Shiroishi in Upsilon Acrux) for a single-track album of atmospheric free improv. Recorded live at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in March of last year, Kage Cometa was released on June 29.

The trio is not afraid to let loose, but also exhibits noticeable restraint throughout. The first few minutes involve a drone from Casanova that is eventually joined by Shiroishi. As Fujioka joins in with his staggered percussion, the other two break out into more distinctively set forth themes and motifs. By the 11-minute mark, however, the three are engaged in all-out improvisation. Each head in their own direction, but these individual offerings are coherent as a whole. Shiroishi offers an angular solo or two, but also provides discordant droning leads over waves of synth and disjointed drumming. This approach grows wilder and wilder until it climaxes about 30 minutes in.  Falling action follows, as the group returns to an atmospheric approach not unlike that of the track’s beginning. But they end on a powerful note with a subtle and busy flourish to round out the last few minutes of the album.

Shiroishi, Fujioka, and Casanova provide a powerful, poignant, and highly appealing style of free improv on Kage Cometa that, despite its instrumentation, largely avoids the trappings of jazz. Well worth checking out for fans of the genre or anyone open to hearing something new.