AMN Reviews: Aseptic Void – Ideazione di Contrasto (2018; Eighth Tower Records)

Aseptic Void is Davide Terreni, and Ideazione di Contrasto is his fifth release under that moniker, including two soundtracks. But this album is pure experimental dark ambient, and cinematic in scope. Shifting and roiling drones are accompanied by samples including scattered found object sounds, forlorn voices, and mechanical noises. Distorted elements share prominence with backwards-masking, electronic crackling, and metallic scraping. Rather than focusing on the drawn-out nature of most ambient efforts, the album is an amalgam of disturbing snippets put to music. The number of raw ideas present is nothing short of remarkable, as Terreni leads the listener through a descent into madness in which ominous threats lurk just out of sensory range. Released just a few days into 2018, Ideazione di Contrasto has already set an early high water mark in dark ambient for the year. Very well done.