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AMN Reviews: TenHornedBeast – Death Has No Companion (2017; Cold Spring Records)

TenHornedBeast is Christopher Walton, a longtime purveyor of dark ambiance. This latest release, Death Has No Companion, features haunted soundscapes over three tracks totaling almost 60 minutes.

The opening, The Wanderer consists of long, slow, drones of electronics and stringed instruments. The drones are layered and oscillatory, with an occasional metallic character. The Lamentation of Their Women begins with repetitive processed piano chords over more droning, in a style reminiscent of William Basinski‘s works. This slowly builds, adding feedback and distortion, almost into a full-on noise wall. In Each Of Us A Secret Sorrow, the longest track, exhibits a deliberate pacing and includes more electronic / string drones, as well as cymbal flourishes.

Overall, the album evokes a haunted primeval land, sparsely populated and foreboding. Unseen dangers lurk nearby. But the traveler of this land is so caught up in his own sorrow that he may be oblivious to peril. Death Has No Companion is bleak, dark, and desperate, all good reasons to give it a listen even if nihilism is not your thing.