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AMN Reviews: Led Bib – Umbrella Weather (2017; RareNoiseRecords)

unnamed-5The U.K.’s proggy jazz-rock outfit Led Bib returns for its first new album since 2014. Umbrella Weather is a live-in-the-studio affair, spontaneously composed rather than fully improvised.

The band’s sound remains similar to that of its previous efforts – a dual-sax attack with prominent keyboards, fuzz bass, and busy drumming. The sound is frantic at times, with lead track Lobster Terror being an example thereof; an aggressive uptempo rhythm drives anxiously angular sax solos and motifs. The tension runs high throughout, even in spacier passages such as those in On the Roundabout. These pieces are both tuneful and foreboding, full of information-rich themes with unusual meters and jagged lines. The keyboards add a dark atmosphere when not acting as a lead instrument, and feature a palette with a vaguely 70’s texture.

With four previous albums put out by U.S. label Cuneiform Records, it is not surprising that Led Bib’s latest has sonic similarities to other Cuneiform artists, such a Rattlemouth and Curlew, not to mention the band’s own recordings.  In short, if you are a Led Bib fan, you’ll enjoy this one.

Staying on its own side of the pond label-wise this time, Umbrella Weather will be coming on RareNoiseRecords on January 20.

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