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AMN Reviews: Colin Fisher – Reflections of the Invisible World [Halocline Trance HTRA017]

Reflections of the Invisible World is a seductively atmospheric, texturally rich solo work from Toronto guitarist Colin Fisher. Fisher multi-tracks himself on all of the instruments that appear on the album: electric guitar, or course, but also tenor saxophone and electronics. All six pieces demonstrate a clarity of form in which Fisher’s three instrumental elements each have a well-defined part to play. Guitar and saxophone trace lines that run rapidly over or stab into the languidly cycling chord progressions that Fisher spells out with electronics. As a one-person ensemble working from a foundation of electronic sound it would be easy enough for Fisher to solo over drones, but he doesn’t do this; instead, he sets down thoughtful leads over harmonic sequences that often take unexpected turns while making good musical sense nevertheless.

Daniel Barbiero