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AMN Reviews: Ingrid Laubrock – Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt [Intakt CD 355]

The strange, strangely unstable realm of dreams has fascinated and inspired artists probably since humans first began to dream, or to make art. Even if we believe they have nothing to tell us—no messages from the gods or the unconscious, or the dead—their often weird images and incongruities of mood can be a source of raw material or a dictionary of occult—as in idiomatic—significances from which to draw. Ingrid Laubrock’s aptly titled Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt, a two-CD set of compositions arranged on disc one for chamber orchestra and five soloists and on disc two for small groups, presents contemporary sounds inspired by the oneiric world. Laubrock kept a dream diary for many years; the compositions on Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt represent her way of translating into music the moods or states of mind of the dreams recorded in her diary.

The album contains five compositions, each of which is performed in two different versions, one for the chamber ensemble and one for the small group consisting of a core trio of Laubrock on tenor and soprano saxophones, Cory Smythe on quarter-tone keyboard and piano, and Sam Pluta on electronics, augmented at different times by Adam Matlock on accordion, Josh Modney on violin and Zeena Parkins on electric harp. The chamber orchestra is an eighteen-piece group of strings, reeds and brass that serves as a setting for soloists Laubrock, Pluta and Smythe as well as drummer Tom Rainey and double bassist Robert Landfermann. Laubrock wrote first for the small group, and then constructed her versions for chamber orchestra from fragments of the original versions. The versions for chamber orchestra tend to situate the five soloists as a group-within-the-group; the contrasts between their improvisations and the orchestrated passages for the ensemble capture something of the startling juxtapositions and emotional volatility of dreams. In the leaner, tightly focused context of the small group the music comes through in a particularly vivid way. The improvised sections stand out against the composed passages with a sharp clarity, while the generous use of space and variable textures and dynamics gives the soloists openings they readily exploit to create lines of timbral complexity and emotional depth.

Daniel Barbiero




Music Unlimited festival in Wels, Austria: Unlimited 23 “Whispers & Cries” curated By Ikue Mori:

November 06, 2009
John Zorn Cobra, Schl8hof, Wels
Tony Buck, Sylvie Courvoisier, Chris Cutler, Shayna Dunkelman, Fred Frith, Arnold ‘Noid’ Haberl, Makigami Koichi, Okkyung Lee, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Maja Ratkje, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, David Watson
KTL, Schl8hof, Wels
Stephen O’Malley, Peter Rehberg
Speak Easy, Schl8hof, Wels
Martin Blume, Thomas Lehn, Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann
Spunk, Schl8hof, Wels
Kristin Andersen, Lene Grenager, Maja Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord

November 07, 2009
Thinking Out Loud, Im Kornspeicher, Wels
Pamelia Kurstin
Phil Minton & dieb13, Im Pavillon, Wels
Dieter ‘dieb13’ Kovacic, Phil Minton
Agra Dharma, Schl8hof, Wels
Sylvie Courvoisier, Makigami Koichi, Ikue Mori
Anker-Lee-Kallerdahl, Schl8hof, Wels
Lotte Anker, Lindha Kallerdahl, Okkyung Lee
Fred Frith & Chris Cutler, Schl8hof, Wels
Chris Cutler, Fred Frith
Phantom Orchard Orchestra, Schl8hof, Wels
Shayna Dunkelman, Makigami Koichi, Ikue Mori, Maggie Parkins, Sara Parkins, Zeena Parkins, Maja Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord

November 08, 2009
Ikue Mori Ipcress Theater, Medienkulturhaus, Wels
Makigami Koichi, Ikue Mori, Mark Nauseef, Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Zeena Parkins Saw Sun Here, Medienkulturhaus, Wels
Maggie Parkins, Sara Parkins, Zeena Parkins
Anker-Courvoisier-Nauseef, Schl8hof, Wels
Lotte Anker, Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Nauseef
Peter Evans & Okkyung Lee, Schl8hof, Wels
Peter Evans, Okkyung Lee
The Ex, Schl8hof, Wels
Arnold de Boer, Katherina Bornefeld, Terrie Hessels, Andy Moor
Watson-Olive-Buck, Schl8hof, Wels
Tony Buck, DJ Olive, David Watson

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Upcoming Seattle Shows

From Wayward Music:

THU. 10/22, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents Louisville pianist Rachel Grimes (of the band Rachel’s) + Seattle electronic cellist Gretchen Yanover

SAT. 10/24, 8 PM – Earshot Jazz Fest + Nonsequitur present Phantom Orchard (Zeena Parkins, harp & Ikue Mori, laptop) + Peggy Lee, cello & Saadet Türköz, voice


TUE. 10/27, 7:30 – Earshot Jazz Fest + Nonsequitur present WA Composers Orchestra, performing music by Robin Holcomb, Tom Varner, and Wayne Horvitz

THU. 10/29, 7:30 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Tom Varner Tentet + Andy Clausen & Sjenka

MON. 11/2, 7:30 – Earshot Jazz Festival & Polestar present Achim Kaufmann (piano), Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone & clarinets), and Wilbert de Joode (bass)

THU. 11/5 – WA Composers Forum presents Nu:BC, contemporary chamber ensemble from Canada

FRI. 11/6 – Seattle Composers’ Salon, artists TBA

SAT. 11/7 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Hans Koch (solo bass clarinet) and Paul Kikuchi’s Portable Sanctuary (w/ Stuart Dempster, Alex Vittum, Jesse Olsen)

FRI. 11/13 – Lori Goldston, amplified cello; Dylan Carlson (EARTH), electric guitar; KnotPineBox, guitar, voice, etc.

SAT. 11/14 – Neil Welch, saxophone

TUE. 11/17 – Oana Rusu Tomei (piano) & friends

SAT. 11/21 – Nonsequitur presents Alaskan composer John Luther Adams, with percussionist Steven Schick and pianist Cristina Valdes

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Upcoming Wayward Music Shows

From Seattle’s Wayward Music:

SAT. 9/12, 8 PM – Danse Perdue, butoh performance based on Reinaldo Arenas‘ novel El Asalto (The Assault)

FRI. 9/18 – David Haney & Julian Priester + friends, new jazz

SAT. 9/19, 8 PM – Bill Horist, guitar improvisations and new pieces from his upcoming release, Covalent Lodge: one set acoustic, one electric

FRI. 9/25, 8 PM – Gamelan Pacifica, music by Jessika Kenney & Lou Harrison, w/ guest violist Eyvind Kang

SAT. 9/26, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents Steve Peters, 50th birthday retrospective concert of his music performed by Gamelan Pacifica, Robin Holcomb, Stuart Dempster, Eye Music Ensemble & more, plus an improvised set by the Seattle Phonographers Union

TUE. 9/29, 7:30 PM – DoubleSharp presents legendary Russian pianist Anton Batagov

WED. 9/30 – ArtsLaunch, artists TBA

FRI. 10/2 – Duo En, contemporary music for shakuhachi and koto

SAT. 10/3 – EQ Lateral Ensemble, eclectic electronic chamber music

WED. 10/7 – Subtext Reading Series presents David Buuck & Joel Felix

THU. 10/15 – WA Composers Forum presents flautist Richard Craig performing music by Munakata, Bång, Lindwall, Ferneyhough, Dillon & Stewart

FRI. 10/16 – Paul Hoskin, solo contrabass clarinet improvisations

SAT. 10/17 – Jesse Canterbury, new music for clarinet

MON. 10/19, 7:30 PM – Earshot Jazz Festival presents 3rd Man, with Han Bennink (percussion), Michael Moore (sax), Will Holshouser (accordion)

THU. 10/22, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents Louisville pianist Rachel Grimes (of the band Rachel’s) + Seattle electronic cellist Gretchen Nicole Yanover

SAT. 10/24, 8 PM – Earshot Jazz Fest + Nonsequitur present Phantom Orchard (Zeena Parkins, harp & Ikue Mori, laptop) + Peggy Lee, cello & Saadet Türköz, voice

TUE. 10/27, 7:30 – Earshot Jazz Fest + Nonsequitur present WA Composers Orchestra, performing music by Robin Holcomb, Tom Varner, and Wayne Horvitz

THU. 10/29, 7:30 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Tom Varner Tentet + Andy Clausen & Sjenka

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Floating Points Festival at the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

A month-long program experimenting with and utilizing ISSUE Project Room’s custom-built 15 channel hemispherical speaker system, the Floating Points Festival returns this year with a line-up of luminary sound artists including Hisham Bharoocha, Morton Subotnick, Stephen Vitiello, Zeena Parkins, Suzanne Thorpe, C. Spencer Yeh, and Tony Conrad.

Also on display throughout the month, Kaffe Matthews’ multichannel sound installation “Sonic Bed Marfa” will be on display before each performance starting at 7 pm.

Wed Jul 8
See Hear Now (David and Gisele Gamper)

Fri July 10
Lesley Flanigan w/ Luke Dubois

Wed Jul 15
Mari Kimura

Thurs Jul 16
MV Carbon + Okkyung Lee

Fri Jul 17
C. Spencer Yeh + John Wiese

Wed Jul 22
Ha Yang Kim

Thurs Jul 23
Thomas Ankersmit + Tony Conrad

Fri Jul 24

Wed Jul 29
Suzanne Thorpe + Zeena Parkins

Thurs Jul 30
Dan Senn + Stephen Vitiello with Molly Berg

Fri Jul 31
Morton Subotnick

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Fred Frith performing at the Moers Jazz Festiv...
Image via Wikipedia


December 11, 2008
Cosa Brava, Knitting Factory
Matthias Bossi, Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins
Marc Ribot‘s Ceramic Dog, Knitting Factory
Shahzad Ismaily, Marc Ribot, Ches Smith

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Musique Machine Reviews

Zeena Parkins performing with Cosa Brava at Ja...
Image via Wikipedia

From Musique Machine:

Phantom Orchard – Orra
Phantom Orchard is the sonic joining of forcers of two of the most respected women in experimental music; Ikue Mori (Death Ambient, Electric Masada,solo work, ect) and Zeena Parkins (Carbon, Keep The Dog, News From Babel, solo,ect). Orra is the projects first wonderful sonic fruit – which sit’s between creative electronics, world music, quirky classical elements, sound tracking, ambience and improv elements.

Thomas Christoph Heyde – High Culture Motherfucker
High Culture Motherfucker is juddering often manic ride that jumps between atmopsrics/ dramatics & playfulness often. Utilizing a mixture of live electronics , turntable elements, percussion, piano, brass and strings for it’s often rollercoaster like ride.

Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai – Electroincs
Electronics is the first of three collaborative releases between genre shifting German chamber orchestra Zeitkratzer and other respected experimental artists. This first release finds them working with Carsten Nicolai who is one of the mainstay and owners of minimalistic and arty electronic label Raster Noton.

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Roulette: Television Clips and DVD’s

Andrew Cyrille
Image via Wikipedia

Roulette has released some DVDs of their performances.

Manhattan’s Home of Experimental Music is pleased to announce:

with 6 hours of performances and interviews by:
…….Marilyn Crispell
…….Andrew Cyrille
…….Oliver Lake
…….Lois V Vierk
…….Joan La Barbara
…….Blue Gene Tyranny
…….Kathleen Supove
…….Phoebe Legere
…….Margaret Leng Tan
…….David Behrman

Over the last several years, Roulette has created more than thirty high quality music television programs focusing on the work of one composer. Now, for the first time on DVD, last year’s 12 TV shows are available for purchase and online streaming through the Roulette website –! With interviews and performances hosted by Phoebe Legere highlighting the work and ideas of Marilyn Crispell, Andrew Cyrille, Oliver Lake, Lois V Vierk, Joan La Barbara, Blue Gene Tyranny, Kathleen Supove, Phoebe Legere, Margaret Leng Tan, and David Behrman! Roulette TV is broadcast every Thursday on Manhattan Cable Television with 500,000 subscribers. Roulette has also teamed up with online archive UBUWEB to provide free streaming of all Roulette TV shows past and present, including interviews and performances by Billy Bang, Chris Cutler, Michael Gordon, Zeena Parkins, Shelley Hirsch, Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Sainkho Namchylak, Phil Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, William Parker, Elliott Sharp, Jim Staley.

View the shows in their entirety and purchase online at
or watch on UbuWeb at

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Zeena Parkins Interview

Zeena Parkins is interviewed.

Globalism is nothing new for Zeena Parkins. She routinely zigzags between New York, where she has lived since 1985, and various concert dates in Europe and behind what used to be the Iron Curtain. Years before Mikhail Gorbachev was implored to tear down the Berlin Wall, American avantgardists were burrowing underneath it. Two decades on, Ms. Parkins — a one-of-a-kind musician who composes and improvises on electric harp — may play an electronic music festival in Moscow one night, come back home, then fly back for a gig in Lithuania.

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Performances Reviews

Terri’s Music Blog

Peter Apfelbaum & Paul Shapiro
Image via Wikipedia

Terri’s Music Blog reviews a bunch of recent New York shows.

# Peter Apfelbaum & the NY Hieroglyphics @ LPR 10/26…
# Zeena Parkins @ Roulette 10/25/08
# Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone @ The Stone 10/23/…
# John McNeil/Bill McHenry Quartet @ Iridium 10/23/0…
# Red Commie Storm @ The Stone 10/22/08
# Gutbucket @ The Stone 10/21/08
# Rashanim @ The Stone 10/19/08

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