UCSC/ISIM Improvisation Festival/Conference 2009

Yet another upcoming fest, this one from UCSC/ISIM Improvisation Festival/Conference 2009:

Thursday, December 3
4:00pm: Pamela Z
5:00pm: Soraya Murray’s Panel on Electronic Media and Improvisation
6:30pm: Art Jones
7:00pm: UCSC/ISIM Opening Ceremony (at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center)
David Cope‘s Algorithmic Improvisation Program
– Syncline/Anticline: Ben Leeds Carson
– Freddy Redd
– ISIM Open Jam Session

Friday, December 4
With Keynote Speaker: George Lewis
3:30: George Lewis and Roscoe Mitchell Duet (with Yamaha Disklavier piano)
5:00: Rob DZ’s Freestyle 101
7:00pm: Featured Headliner Charles Lloyd Concert with Geri Allen (Opening)

Saturday, December 5
1:30pm: David Anthony’s Film Series
3:00pm: Jin Hi Kim‘s Electric Komungo
7:00pm: 21st-Century Musicism: Improvisation for your Imagination
– India Cooke
– Ashwin Batish
– Karlton Hester’s The Divine Particle’s Vision #2

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