Modfest Previewed

From Chronogram Magazine:

On January 23, Joe McPhee and Friends (Richard Teitelbaum on keyboards and Thurman Barker on drums and percussion ) will perform. McPhee is a multi-instrumentalist (and Poughkeepsie resident) who solos on tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, trumpet, pocket trumpet, trombone, clarinet, cornet, didgeridoo, and flugelhorn. He also sometimes sings. Though McPhee, at 70, is a major figure in avant-garde jazz, his music is not hysterical or ear-splitting. His playing is gracious and considered. I asked McPhee what he calls his genre. “I call it ‘Po music,’” he replied. “’Po’ is a language indicator to show that provocation is being used to move from a fixed set of ideas in an attempt to discover new ones. It refers also to words like possible, poetic, positive, etc.”

Electronic music pioneer Milton Babbitt, who is 93, will engage in a public conversation with Vassar music professor Richard Wilson, followed by a performance of Babbitt’s work by the Argento Ensemble (January 24).

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Coming up from RUCMA

From NY’s Rise Up Creative Music & Arts:

December 28
7:30 PM
Ray Anderson Trio
Ray Anderson – Trombone
Mark Helias – Bass / Gerald Cleaver – Drums

9:00 PM
Michael Attias Quartet
Michael Attias – Sax / Ralph Alessi – Tmp
Tom Rainey – Drms / Sean Conly – Bass

10:30 PM
Matt Lavelle – Trumpet
Bern Nix – Guitar / Francois Grillot – Bass

Next Week
January 4
Francois Grillot’s French Contraband
Francois Grillot – Bass
Steve Swell – Trumpet /Daniel Levin – Cello
Claire de Brunner – Bassoon / Jay Rosen – Drums

Patricia & William Parker Duo
Patriia Nicholson Parker – Dance & Words
William Parker – Bass

James Carney Group
James Carney – Keys
Others TBA

Trio Iffy
Chris Speed – Sax & Clarinet
Jamie Saft – Keys / Ben Perowsky – Drums

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International Contemporary Ensemble Upcoming Shows

From the International Contemporary Ensemble:

Friday, December 11, 2009, 7:30pm
ICE @ MoCP II: Wired/Lowfirm
Claire Chase and Eric Lamb, Flutes
Campbell MacDonald and Joshua Rubin, Bass Clarinets

Museum of Contemporary Photography
600 S. Michigan Ave.

The electrifying flute duo Wired and the bassy clarinet duo Lowfirm face-off in a concert featuring a precision display of woodwind acrobatics. Music by Steve Reich, Philippe Hurel, and Felipe Lara, with premieres of new works by Pablo Chin, Marcos Balter and Ryan Ingebritsen.

Pablo Chin: Como la leyenda de Ixquiq for two flutes (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
Felipe Lara: Vocalise for two bass clarinets (2007)
Marcos Balter: Edgewater for bass flute and alto flute (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
John Zorn: Sortilege for two bass clarinets (2001)
Ryan Ingebritsen: Residence on Earth Part 1 : El Gran Océano for two flutes and two bass clarinets, with electronics (2009) WORLD PREMIERE

Sunday, December 13, 7 pm
Transfigured Bach
Daniel Lippel, guitar
with Claire Chase, flute

St. Paul’s Chapel
2335 N. Orchard
Chicago, IL

Join ICE’s sensational guitarist Daniel Lippel for a concert of music by ICE’s favorite avant-garde composer, J.S. Bach. Transcribing Bach’s music for guitar is always a delicate process, but one that affords us the chance to hear the works in a new light.

Partita in B minor (orig. violin), BWV 1002
Sonata for Flute and Guitar in E major (orig. flute and harpsichord), BWV 1034; featuring Claire Chase, flute
Lute Suite #3 in A minor, BWV 998

Monday, December 14, 7:30pm
ICE @ the Southern Theater
Claire Chase and Eric Lamb, Flutes
Campbell MacDonald and Joshua Rubin, Bass clarinets

The Southern Theater
1420 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

ICE makes its Southern Theater debut with two woodwind duos in works by Steve Reich, John Zorn, Philippe Hurel, and a world premiere by Minneapolis native Ryan Ingebritsen. A “powerhouse of new-music programming” (The New Yorker), ICE brings its tight-knit virtuosity, youthful intensity and emotional chemistry to the Southern stage for an adventurous program sure to melt the coldest of winter hearts.

Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint for flute and tape (1982)
Felipe Lara: Vocalise for two bass clarinets (2008)
Philippe Hurel: Loops III for two flutes (2001)
Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint for two clarinets and tape (1985)
Marcos Balter: Edgewater for bass flute and alto flute (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
John Zorn: sortilege for two bass clarinets (2001)
Ryan Ingebritsen: Residence on Earth Part 1 : El Gran Océano for two flutes and two bass clarinets, with electronics (2009) WORLD PREMIERE

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Squid’s Ear Reviews

Dave Douglas at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2007.
Image via Wikipedia

From the Squid’s Ear:

Jim Haynes:

Mika Vainio:
Aineen Musta Puhelin (Black Telephone of Matter)

EKG (Kyle Bruckmann & Ernst Karel):
(Another Timbre)

Szilard Mezei Wind Quartet:
We Were Watching The Rain

Barry Guy London Jazz Composers Orchestra With Irene Schweizer:
Radio Rondo

Joe Morris / Simon H Fell / Alex Ward:
The Necessary And The Possible

Slap and Tickle
(Smalltown Superjazzz)

Normand Guilbeault Ensemble:
Live at Upstairs 2008. Hommage a Mingus

Douglas, Dave & Brass Ecstasy:
Spirit Moves
(Greenleaf Music)

Lee Konitz and Martial Solal:
Star Eyes, 1983

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Performances Releases Reviews

DMG Newsletter October 2nd, 2009

From DMG:

Wadada Leo Smith: 2 groups on double Live CD! Tyshawn Sorey! Ergo with Carl Maguire! John Esposito/Jeff Marx/John Siegel! Beat Circus! Vinny Golia/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter! Tony Wilson 6tet! Roger Reynolds!


Downtown Music Gallery FREE In-Store Performance Schedule Continues with:

Sunday, September 27th Double Header!
A Fine New Drums/Trumpet/Cello Trio!
Wow! Powerful Trombone & Tenor/Soprano sax Duo!

Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm:
Amazing violin/bass/percussion Trio!
Slam Recording Artist Performs a Rare Tuesday Set at DMG!

Sundays, October 4th & 11th – No in-store sets
While the Evan Parker Festival at The Stone Continues!

Sunday, October 18th at 6pm:
Superb New bass clarinet & baritone guitar duo!

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Steve Swell Quintet & Josh Roseman Group at Rise Up Creative Music & Arts

From New York’s RUCMA:

Start: 07/06/2009 – 7:30pm
End: 07/06/2009 – 10:30pm

Steve Swell, trombone
Rob Brown, alto sax
Chris Forbes, piano
Hill Greene, bass
Michael T. A. Thompson, drums

Josh Roseman, trombone
others TBA

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

The latest reviews from the Squid’s Ear:

Kullhammar / Osgood / Vagan – Andratx Live
Evan Parker – Saxophone Solos
Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello – The Gorilla Variations
Dan Warburton – Profession Reporter
Indigo Trio – Anaya
Agusti Fernandez – Un Llamp Que no S’acaba Mai

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Urs Leimbruber, Peter Evans and Okkyung Lee at Roulette

From New York’s Roulette:

Thu Jun 11 – 8:30 PM

Urs Leimgruber’s mastery of the saxophone is so protean you could easily be fooled into thinking you are listening to a whole range of other instruments. He produces drum beats, the sound of guitars or the echoing resonnance of gongs at will. His playing seems almost de-instrumentalized, free of any implicit meaning and, despite its complexity, almost unexpectedly stark. Sound in its purest state. The ten pieces here sound like a manifesto set to music, an audible thumprint, a soundcard with a unique code that only responds to the personal breath of the artist.“ Bert Noglik, CD Blue Log Leipzig.

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Performances Reviews

Instal09 Review

The Watchful Ear provides detailed reviews of each day of Instal 09.

On Sunday, the final day of the festival, engaging conversation over lunch meant we arrived at The Arches too late to hear Phil Minton’s feral choir performance, and so the first act I caught was Seymour Wright’s solo set. Although I’d only actually seen him play solo three times in the last five years prior to this, Seymour’s music felt very familiar to me. Perhaps this may be because one of my most vivid musical memories from last year was seeing him play live in the audition studio to an audience of just myself and Alastair. You can still hear that show here. Tonight there were at least two hundred people watching, including a small child that gurgled and yelped its way through the first few minutes of his performance. Seymour’s solo live sets are riveting to watch, and as much about chance and the potential for failure as they are about his musical choices. He began by placing one of two clockwork radios into the bell of his saxophone, which he then laid down on the floor in front of his chair with the radio tuned into static, so that just a low, muted roar could be heard coming from the instrument. The radio was only partially wound so that it would run out of energy and stop at some point during the performance. He then placed a couple of handheld electric fans on their ends beside the sax, so that their natural vibrations would cause them to “walk” about the floor, maybe bumping into the instrument and causing a metallic clatter, maybe not. As these events went on by themselves he also took the small mouthpiece of the sax and used it to suck up metal tin lids, so that they snapped firmly against the brass with a shrill rattle. After this series of small interlinked events he took another small motor-driven device of some kind and dropped it onto the body of the sax. It made a loud, sudden series of crashes before going silent as Seymour took to applying one of the handheld fans to the small mouthpiece.

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AMN Picks General

AMN Picks of the Week

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Revolutionary Ensemble – Beyond the Boundary of Time (2009, free jazz)
Nate Wooley / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Jason Roebke – Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing (2009, free jazz)
Richard Nelson Quintet – Origin Story (2004, left of center jazz)
Aethenor – Faking Gold and Murder (2009, ambient metal)
Aethenor – Betimes Black Cloudmasses (2008, ambient metal)
Brad Shepik / Trio – Human Activity Suite (2008, jazz)
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange (2007, avant-rock)
Zu – Carboniferous (2009, avant-jazz)
Denman Maroney Quintet – Identity (2009, free jazz)
Elton Dean / Mark Sanders / Roberto Bellatalla – Into the Nierika (1998, free jazz)
Land of Kush – Against the Day (2009, post-rock / improv)
Maneri Ensemble – Going to Church (2002, free jazz)
Benoit Moreau – Audiogrammes II (2009, modern classical)

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