New on Ayler Records

Ayler Records has a handful of new releases:

Eyal Maoz & Asaf Sirkis – Elementary Dialogues

Eyal Maoz and Asaf Sirkis share a long history of collaboration. Combining composition and improvisation, their intuitive rapport guides the way through a musical conversation full of unexpected twists and turns and sudden bursts of color and energy, yet with great emotional depth and logical coherence.

Jacob William Quartet – Secondary Deviations

Jacob William is a Boston-based bass player, composer and improviser working to stretch the multicultural paradigm – exploring the innate, ornate and the palpitating roots of diverse musical traditions, here with his “Secondary Deviations” quartet featuring Jim Hobbs (alto sax), Forbes Graham (trumpet) and Croix Galipault (drums).

Rechtern/Zinman/Wang/Cook – Wakte Oglaka

A “Story of War”, told in music, minimal and reduced to the just necessary yet ornamental, by four master improvisers traveling in open spaces, with nothing but some horses, a sword, a jurta and the wind, the wind, the wind, breeding the math layed out throughout that space. Free improvisation at its best.

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut – Digital Box
2nd installment available now!

Further explorations into the ongoing work of New-York avant-garde multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Shurdut and friends (including collaborations with Joe McPhee, Blaise Siwula, Brian Osborne, Daniel Carter, Frode Gjerstad, Anders Gahnold, Tom Chess, Marc Edwards, Dave Sewelson, Marcus Cummins, Laura Cromwell, among others).
8 new recordings now available for download along with an updated linerbook. Enjoy the ride!

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