Philip Glass in the WNYC studios on December 1...
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Frank Rosaly’s Milkwork is out on Contraphonic.

Flingco Sound has released a free 15 songs compilation of their artists.

Several of Philip Glass‘s discoveries performed recently.

Weasel Walter is interviewed about his recent move to Brooklyn.

Nate Wooley appears at the Douglass Street Music Collective show in Brooklyn at the end of the month.

A new Zu recording is due out on Public Guilt.

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From Weasel Walter’s no wave archives to your ears

The Chicago Reader describes Weasel Walter‘s latest efforts.

[Weasel Walter] dials down his usual frenzied energy on the brand-new Last Distractions (Singlespeed) with reedist Aram Shelton (another former Chicagoan) and cornetist Josh Berman, and he’s part of an unlikely meeting with drummer Grant Calvin Weston—a longtime cohort of James Blood Ulmer—on last year’s Nassira (Amulet). He’s also put out several albums via his own UgExplode imprint—which he’s been running since his Chicago days—where he plays with folks like Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Greg Kelley, and Marc Edwards. He also recently released a knockout archival dig of music by no wave combo the Toy Killers (pictured), The Unlistenable Years.

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New on ugEXPLODE Records

From ugEXPLODE Records:

Weasel Walter – Apocalyptik Paranoia CD
featuring Peter Evans, Henry Kaiser, Greg Kelley, Forbes Graham, Fred Lonberg-Holm

A brand new helping of studio material by the Weez featuring various formations of an all-star cast of malcontents including Henry Kaiser, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Evans, Greg Kelley and Forbes Graham. There’s an icy, ominous chill to this set of forceful and focused improvisations – this just might be the “Battles of the North” of free music with its hard, frostbitten arctic sheen. The eight tracks here range from painterly, agitated all-acoustic improvisation to explosive, electronics-wracked all-out noise onslaughts. A truly dynamic offering of balls-out abstraction with the intensity and quality you expect from Weasel and co. There are definitely some surprises here resulting from the largely unprecedented mixture of unique musical personalities

Forbes/Young/Walter – American Free LP

American Free??? Without Americans? No Americans Allowed??? Free Music made by Americans? You decide!

Recorded in Chicago in March 2009, this vinyl outpouring of speed, intensity and timbral violence represents the first output by a volcanic new trio committed to pushing free music forms to a new level. Tenor saxophonist Mike Forbes pushes hard, his lines bursting with pressure and laser-like focus. Fans of the early Evan Parker/Peter Brotzmann school will love his approach, but he’s no mere acolyte: Forbes’ playing has a cruel, hard focus which is bloody with rage but totally controlled. He’s not satisfied with biting the reed and squealing his brains out like an identikit free jazzer: his careful control of multiphonics and succinct phrasing reveals a shrewd and singular musical mind at work. Bassist Andrew Scott Young possesses a large, gutteral sound and he fills the cracks in the sax/drums assault with harmonic determination and an aware sense of overall structure. His lines always push the group forward and cohere the hyperactivity of the other musicians. Weasel Walter is obsessed with momentum. his dense bursts of detailed percussion drives the band towards total mania.Check out the NOW sound of free jazz on this LP.

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AMN Picks of the Week

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended. Don’t take the categories too seriously.

Morris, Joe / Ken Vandermark / Luther Gray – Rebus (2007, free jazz)
Atrium Carceri – Souyan (2009, dark ambient)
Hobbs, Jim – The Story of Mankind (2008, jazz)
Halvorson, Mary / Weasel Walter – Opulence (2009, guitar/drum improv)
Flying Luttenbachers – The Void (2004, aggressive free jazz)
Vandermark / Nagl / Thomas / Reisinger – C.O.D.E (2008, jazz)
Dunmall, Paul – Exodus (2008, improv)

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Weasel Walter Events

A bunch of stuff coming up from Weasel Walter.

Drummer/composer/improviser Weasel Walter is visiting Bard College Thursday (3/5) to give a video lecture on “the NYC No-Wave sound, complete with rare footage and audio from bands involved in the movement.” (Walter wrote an introduction to Marc Masters’s book on the subject, No Wave.)

He then comes to Zebulon in Brooklyn on Saturday (3/7) for a jazz improv gig with NYC guitarist Mary Halvorson. The pair played together during Walter’s last NYC stint in September. Expect a disquieting, dynamics-filled set that touches on both Halvorson’s melodic debut CD, Dragon’s Head, and Walters’s tension-heavy drums.

Among the releases coming from WW’s ugEXPLODE label is a possible Walter/Halvorson/trumpeter Peter Evans CD-R, out this summer. From MySpace: “i’m toying with the idea of putting out some stuff of that trio from our previous gigs, but haven’t discussed it with them formally yet. there was a lot of video shot of two of the sept. shows, and we may release some of that as well.”

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Umbrella Music Through March 15

Jeb Bishop photo courtesy Seth Tisue
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From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Sunday, 1 March 2009
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | Weasel Walter and Friends I
Josh Berman – cornet
Jason Stein – bass clarinet
Weasel Walter – drums
11:00PM | 10:00PM | Weasel Walter and Friends II
Mike Forbes – tenor saxophone
Andrew Scott Young – bass
Weasel Walter – drums

Wednesday, 4 March 2009
The Hideout
10:00PM | Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things
Greg Ward – alto sax
Tim Haldeman – tenor sax
Jason Roebke – bass
Mike Reed – drums
two sets
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets : Eric Leibundguth presents The Civil War

Thursday, 5 March 2009
10:00PM | blink.
Greg Ward – alto saxophone
Dave Miller – guitar
Jeff Greene – bass
Quin Kirchner – drums
two sets

Sunday, 8 March 2009
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | blink.
Jeff Greene – bass
Greg Ward – alto saxophone
Dave Miller – guitar
Quin Kirchner – drums
two sets

Wednesday, 11 March 2009
The Hideout
10:00PM | Jeb Bishop Trio
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Jason Roebke – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums
two sets
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets: Omeka-tay spins String Inspired Tunes

Sunday, 15 March 2009
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | Nick Mazzarella Trio
Nick Mazzarella – alto saxophone
Anton Hatwich – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums
11:00PM | Nate Lepine Trio
Lineup TBA

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Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers)
Image by digital_freak via Flickr


September 22, 2008
Blancarte-Edwars-Evans-Flaherty-Jones-Walter, The Delancey
Tom Blancarte, Marc Edwards, Peter Evans, Paul Flaherty, Darius Jones, Weasel Walter
Cymerman-Gretz-Kozar-Pavone, The Delancey
Jeremiah Cymerman, Jeff Gretz, Andy Kozar, Jessica Pavone
Peter Evans & Weasel Walter, The Delancey
Peter Evans, Weasel Walter

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This Week at Ars Nova Workshop

Marc RibotImage via Wikipedia From Ars Nova:

Thursday, September 18, 8pm
Weasel Walter, drums
Peter Evans, trumpet
Mary Halvorson, guitar

The Rotunda, 4012 Walnut Street
Free Admission

Weasel Walter founded the The Flying Luttenbachers in Chicago in 1991
with late jazz cult figure Hal Russell. Over the years, the band has
included noted Chicago musicians such as Ken Vandermark and Fred Lonberg-Holm, as well as Deerhoof’s Ed Rodriguez and guitar phenomenon Mick Barr (Orthrelm). In addition, Walter has worked with Marshall Allen, Henry Kaiser and Jim O’Rourke. For this special performance he is joined by New York’s Mary Halvorson (Trevor Dunn, Anthony Braxton) and Peter Evans (MOPDTK).

Saturday, September 20, 9pm
Marc Ribot, el. guitar
Shahzad Ismaily, el. bass
Ches Smith, drums

International House, 3701 Chestnut Street
$12 General Admission

Please join Ars Nova Workshop and International House for the Philadelphia debut of Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, and the grand opening celebration of the Ibrahim Theater. OPEN BAR PRECEDING THE CONCERT BEGINNING AT 8PM. Sponsored by Philadelphia Brewing Company.

Party Intellectuals is the new debut recording from Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, a post-everything band combining the energies of two masters of downtown New York City mayhem: guitarist/vocalist Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, John Zorn, Robert Plant, T-Bone Burnett, Marianne Faithful, Lounge Lizards,
Elvis Costello) and bassist Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Will Oldham, Jolie Holland, Secret Chiefs 3), with West Coast indie/experimental genius drummer Ches Smith (Xiu Xiu, Secret Chiefs 3, Trevor Dunn’s Trio Convulsant). Ribot is a widely recognized original on the guitar, with influence across multiple genres of music, including rock, jazz, punk, Latin, soul, 80s No-Wave, avant-garde and noise. Ceramic Dog draws all of this, along with Ismaily and Smith’s indie / electronica experimentation, into a power-packed live performance.

Purchase tickets today at

Sunday, September 21, 8pm
Bojan Z, piano
Matt Darriau, saxophone + clarinet + Kaval + Gaida
Brad Shepik, guitars + Balkan strings
Rufus Cappadocia, 5-string cello
Seido Salifoski, dumbeks + percussion

International House, 3701 Chestnut Street
$12 General Admission

For over 12 years, New York based Paradox Trio has been notorious for their high energy concerts and their innovative exploration of Balkan, Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Klezmer music. This rare appearance will feature the great Serbian-French pianist Bojan Z with members of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, Klezmatics, Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop Band and Dave Douglas‘ Tiny Bell Trio.

More information and other upcoming activities at

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