In DC This Weekend: Futterman/Levin Duo, Cheer-Accident

From Washington City Paper:

On Saturday, hop over to Twins Jazz for a free-jazz concert the likes of which the District doesn’t get enough these days, as pianist Joel Futterman and reedist Ike Levin duo it up. Futterman played Twins Jazz a couple years ago with legendary New Orleans saxophonist Kidd Jordan, and immediately won me over with a style that is most easily compared to a somewhat more accessible Cecil Taylor. He’s been playing with Levin at least since 2002, and this should be an excellent night for those who miss the shows like this that Transparent Productions used to put on regularly.

On Sunday, a trek up to Orion Sound Studios will be rewarded with a show by the always unpredictable Cheer-Accident, who last played there in April following their performance at Avant Fairfax, pictured above. This long-running Chicago band writes music by throwing genres and expectations into a blender and adding a dash of Zappa-like whimsy—and they come out with something completely different every time they do it. Baltimore bands Armed Elephant and Isthmus open; the latter’s Isis/Neurosis brand of metal is great, if an odd fit for the bill.
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Don’t Call Faust ‘Krautrock’

A Faust profile from Washington City Paper:

Almost 40 years after the fact, Faust remains a standard-bearer of Krautrock, the German experimental rock movement of the early 1970s.

Just don’t call Faust a Krautrock band.

For one thing, says Jean-Herve Péron, one of the group’s two remaining original members, Faust doesn’t have many fans in Germany, even though it’s still based there. For another, none of the musicians on the current tour, which stops at the Black Cat Sunday for the final night of the Sonic Circuits Festival, happens to be German. Péron is French, original drummer Zappi Diermaier is Austrian, James Johnston is British, and Geraldine Swayne is Irish.

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Avant Fairfax Returns Tomorrow

From Black Plastic Bag:

April’s inaugural Avant Fairfax festival was such a success that the organizers immediately turned around and starting working on the next installment. The second iteration of the festival is now upon us, and will feature a diverse lineup of eight performers (from the folk stylings of Max Ochs to the psych-rock of Dark Sea Dream and Gondola) as well as a short film.

It’s scheduled for 5pm-1am tomorrow, August 22, 2009; here’s hoping for tighter timing, as the original fest went overtime and forced headliners Cheer-Accident to cut their set short. The venue this time around is the ” . ” (Point in Space) Gallery in Fairfax City [3940 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030].

Max Ochs (BPB interview)
Scarcity of Tanks
Janel and Anthony
Dark Sea Dream
Chromatic Mysteries
Mark Fosson
Moon Pie with Doug Stailey

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Upcoming Washington DC Shows

From Black Plastic Bag:

* Thursday, April 16: Composer/arranger Ed Palermo will be conducting the U.S. Army Blues ensemble in a program comprised entirely of the music of Frank Zappa. (What.) This takes place at 7:30pm in Brueker Hall at Fort Myer – 400 McNair Road, Fort Myer, VA.

* Friday, April 17: Cuneiform Records artist Beat Circus (Myspace), a rock ensemble whose current lineup includes all kinds of strings and horns (including a tuba), will be at Orion Sound Studios south of Baltimore. Opening is Fern Knight, with whom I’m not familiar but who are described as a mix of “Krautrock, UK folk, and early baroque and renaissance music.” Cool. Orion is at 2903 Whittington Ave., Baltimore, MD. Show at 8pm.

* Saturday, April 18: The Tiptons Saxophone Quartet (Myspace), plus drummer, performing at Orion. This sax quartet has a diverse, fun repertoire that “ranges from New Orleans ’second-line’ to jazz, Afro-Cuban to Balkan, klezmer and beyond.” Show at 8pm.

* Sunday, April 19: Japan’s psychedelic rockers Acid Mothers Temple (Myspace) hit DC9. AMT seems to be constantly on tour, and their shows are semi-legendary for their stoned-out, hazy heaviness. Also, Japanese psych-rock is pretty much just reliably crazy. Show is at 9pm, Sonic Suicide Squad are opening.

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100 Tape Loops in Rock Creek Park

News of this DC event comes from Black Plastic Bag:

This Sunday (4/5) in Rock Creek Park, D.C., there is a very interesting event going on.

Organized by D.C. musician Layne Garrett (who will also be appearing at the Avant Fairfax Festival, 4/25), there will be a gathering of (hopefully) 100 people with boomboxes set up in various locations in/at a particular section of Rock Creek Park.

Each person will have a 30 sec tape loop playing something that they recorded. At 4 PM, all the tape players will be activated and will hopefully result in an interesting sound collage.

In some ways, this in similar in spirit to certain aspects of Karheinz Srockhausen’s work.

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