Artomatic Improv Show in DC, May 30

From Sonic Circuits:

Artomatic is a month-long multimedia arts event that draws together visual artists, musicians and performers and brings their work to the community. Artomatic is free and open to everyone. The event is being held in a building that is atop the Navy Yard Metro Station on Artomatic’s Cabaret Stage 2nd floor. Appearing will be some of DC’s finest proponents of experimental music:

Robert Blake Highway 4pm
Kingdom of Sharks 430pm
Sean Peoples 5pm
Layne Garrett 530pm
Dave Vosh Logan Mitchell Sr. 6pm
Nine Strings 630pm
Fast Forty 7pm
RDK 730pm
Soft Pieces 8pm
BLK w/ BEAR VJ Poppins 830pm
Pilesar 9pm
The Angus Brainpan 930pm
Tone Ghosting 10pm
Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble 1030pm
Second Land 11pm
Kuschty Rye Ergot 1130pm
Slug Bait 12am
Aerosolized Mucus 12:30am

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Luasa Raelon – The House of Flesh
The House of Flesh once more finds David Reed & his Luasa Raelon project pulling the listener into sinister & dread filled continents of sonic fear. With maybe things going a little more noisy then his last release on Snip Snip records 07’s Season of the Witch; but this is still prime death industrial meets blacked ambience of the highest and most horrifying order.

Cut Iowa Network – Projector Gunship Held {Ø}
On two 180 grams slabs of vinyl, in a limited edition of 250, comes the first part of a trilogy. The bandname doesn’t give away much about the sound of this British threepiece. With the album’s title your thoughts tend to go in the direction of something sci-fi.

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Peter Brotzmann Tentet Interviewed

At least, half of the Tentet are represented in this 2005 interview.

There may not be a more creative group of artists anywhere within the boundaries of any art form than those within the Peter Brotzmann Tentet. These are individuals that comprehensively understand their responsibility to art and it is only through this level of integrity and creativity that art can, and will continue to move forward. Thus, it is completely mystifying and disheartening that this group of brilliant artists from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Chicago and New York remain relatively unknown outside of avant garde circles. They have created their own dimensions of sound, their own sonority of power and intensity, with shapes of silence that collide and separate at varying levels of speed and measurements of time. They have not introduced a new language as much as they invent new universes within fields of time and space through intellect, passion and importantly, attitude.

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