Harris Eisenstadt In April

From Improvised Communications:

After a four-week residency in March at IBeam with his nonet, Woodblock Prints, drummer/composer Harris Eisenstandt is taking a break from leading his own bands in April, but you can still catch him performing in New York with others throughout the month.

04/03: Saris, The Stone
04/05: Korea 21: Music Here and Now, Symphony Space
04/10: Jeremiah Cymerman Ensemble, Roulette
04/11: Aram Shelton Quartet, Chocolate Factory
04/18: Macroquarket, The Stone
04/20: City of the World: Korean Traditional Music & Change, CUNY Graduate Center

April will also find Eisenstadt hosting The Musician’s Show on WKCR on April 8th and embarking on an extended UK tour with The Convergence Quartet.

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Skellaten – Pretend 2 B nice
Skellaten is a one piece female noise project from kelso Washington and Pretend 2 B nice is the projects first cdr full length after a few tapes and compilation tracks. And you’ll be glad to know there’s nothing nice or wholesome in here as the title might hint, this is ear melting and pain boring noise all the way.

Bonesfield – Prototipos Irradiantes
Prototipos Irradiantes(Radiant prototypes) is a very energetic, body slamming and rewarding mix of noise matter, violent electronica and pumped up old school industrial tone. Often the album gives one the feeling of been stuck inside a vast gone crazy factory as the machinery goes in to spectacular overload.

Scott Kelly – The Wake
Scott Kelly is most widely known as a vocalist and guitarist for Neurosis. Last year I reviewed an album by his band mate, Steve Von Till called A Grave is a Grim Horse, which was a mellow album very much along the lines of Mark Lanegan‘s solo material. Von Till applied enough of his own personality to succeed, by staking his own ground. It seems Scott Kelly has been drinking from the same trough, though he seems reluctant to emerge from his shell. This album owes a hardy thanks to the ex-Screaming Trees frontman as well, and a stiff handshake to Tom Waits. A couple of decent precursors for sure, but it’s not evident that Kelly has the passion to compel.

Kylie Minoise – The Paralysis Sect
The Paralysis Sect sees UK noise extraordinaire Kylie Minoise pouring out three long tracks of grim, pained, often airless and soured drone craft and suffocating noise pressing. Each track sonically humming of despair, decay and ruin that’s strangely compelling

Religious Knives – The Door
Oddly enough, the Door sounds a lot like a slightly more esoteric (and motorik) version on the Doors over at least half of its running time. Is the title supposed to be indicative of the direction they’re headed? One would assume so. Despite the prominent use of Manzarek-esque keyboard fills (albeit not as obtrusive as Ray’s), there’s remnants of everything from Neu! to Suicide, maybe even early Royal Trux worked into these bad trip jams.

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