Ashtray Navigations / Flower-Corsano Duo in Syracuse

From New Thing Productions:

Ashtray Navigations
Flower-Corsano Duo
Thursday, October 29
$15 General Admission
$12 Students and Seniors

Red House welcomes Psychedelic Noise Project from UK!

Red House Arts Center has become a standout venue in Central New York for experimentalmusicians, hosting Alva Noto & Byetone from Germany, mudboy from Providence, and Zach Layton,MV Carbon and The Loud Objects from New York City. This trend continues when Red Housewelcomes Ashtray Navigations and the Flower-Corsano Duo from the Termite Club in the United Kingdom.

Phil Todd, inspired by the UK’s underground tape music scene, formed Ashtray Navigations in 1994 in Stoke On Trent, England. The psychedelic noise project defies easy categorization given the diverse nature of Todd’s collaborators and the incredible breadth of work Ash Nav has created. Ash Nav consists of Phil Todd (guitar/electronics) and Melanie Delaney, aka Ocelocelot (electronics).

“No matter how limited or impossible to find, every release by this one-man-plus sideshow proves to be a stimulating slice of homemade musical nirvana.” – Foxy Digitalis

Michael Flower (shahi baaja, a modified electric version of the Indian bulbul tarang) has been involved in a number of solo projects and is best know for his work with Vibracathedral Orchestra. Chris Corsano plays drums and has performed with Paul Flaherty, Jim O’Rourke, Björk, EvanParker, Jandek, Thurston Moore, Vampire Belt and Six Organs of Admittance among others.

Ashtray Navigations and the Flower-Corsano Duo will perform at the Red House Arts Center on Thursday, October 29 at 9PM. Tickets are $15 general admission, $12 for students and seniors and are available from For more information please contact Mike Intaglietta at 315-425-0405 or email

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Led Bib And How The British Got Something Right

From NPR’s A Blog Supreme:

The group is called Led Bib, and the song they played live, “Yes, Again,” is even more frenetic. (You can watch the performance itself on the BBC Web site — the video is for whatever reason not embeddable.) It was part of the ceremony for the Mercury Prize, an award given every year for the best album from the British Isles. Led Bib didn’t win; the award went to Speech Debelle, a South London rapper with a proclivity for jazz-influenced production. (Dig the backing roles for reedmen Shabaka Hutchings [clarinet] and Soweto Kinch [alto sax] at the live performance.) Even so, the fact that a jazz act, and especially one so outre, made it to the national spotlight at all should cause a double take.

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Ligeti’s riot through history

György Ligeti
Image via Wikipedia

A UK production of Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre is reviewed.

It takes all of about five seconds before you realise that Hungarian composer György Ligeti‘s Le Grand Macabre is an opera of the unexpected. The piece starts with a prelude – a conventional enough idea, except that instead of being played by the orchestra, it’s scored for 12 car horns, performed by the hands and feet of three percussionists. It’s a surreal coup de musique that starts Le Grand Macabre on its absurdist journey, in which you meet a perennially pissed antihero called Piet the Pot, a sado- masochistic astronomer, a pair of sex- obsessed lovers, a layabout prince, and a couple of preening, pernicious politicians. All of them are subject to the whims of Nekrotzar, the despotic Grand Macabre himself, who has come to visit annihilation on the people of Breughelland, “the entirely run-down but nevertheless carefree and thriving principality” in which the opera is set. Nekrotzar doesn’t succeed, however, as Piet gets him drunk, and instead of commanding the minions of hell to raze Breughelland to the ground, he misses his own apocalypse and falls off a rocking horse.

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Performances Reviews

The Paul Dunmall Trio at the Vortex, London

All About Jazz reviews this recent show.

British reedman Paul Dunmall breaks bread with a wide range of collaborators. While the ensuing documentation is less prolific than say Anthony Braxton’s or Steve Lacy’s in either’s heyday, there is rarely overlap in personnel on consecutive discs. Saxophone, bass and drums have proved a particularly fertile configuration for Dunmall, borne out by his Deep Joy trio (Duns Limited Edition, 2004) with Paul Rogers and Tony Levin (long time associates in improvising ensemble Mujician) and most recently by what has come to be known as the Profound Sound Trio with Henry Grimes and Andrew Cyrille. Such has been the success of the latter, first at the 2008 Vision Festival and then at the 2009 Cheltenham Jazz Festival in England, that a November UK tour is mooted.

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Unnamed Music Festival in the UK, 11-13 June, 2009

From Bagatellen:

Just announced at the site for his Another Timbre label, Simon Reynell will be curating a new festival (his first?) this year in London and Leeds. Running at two performance spaces — Oto and Seven Artspace — the predominantly UK lineup is certainly inspiring, with some excellent combinations of talent.

Of particular note: a group on the first evening situating Benedict Drew with Tom Chant, John Edwards and violinist Angharad Davies. Jez Riley French with Patrick Farmer. Also a not-to-miss trio of Keith Rowe with Martin Küchen and Seymour Wright (two performances on separate evenings). Some manifest potential there for three great nights of music.

Details as published at AT:

thursday 11th june
cafe oto, ashwin street, london E8 3DL

* set 1: Sebastian Lexer / Aleks Kolkowski
* set 2: Angharad Davies / Tom Chant / Benedict Drew / John Edwards: improv set
* set 3: Rhodri Davies / Louisa Martin / Lee Patterson Lucio Capece
* set 4: Angharad Davies / Tom Chant / Benedict Drew / John Edwards: performance of John Cage’s ‘Four 6?

friday 12th june
cafe oto, ashwin street, london E8 3DL

* keith rowe / martin küchen / seymour wright
* bechir saade / clive bell / matt milton
* jamie coleman / paul abbott / ute kanngiesser / grundik kasyansky

saturday 13th june
seven artspace, harrogate road, leeds, LS7 3PD

* keith rowe / martin küchen / seymour wright
* jez riley french / patrick farmer

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Supersonic Festival in the UK

Heavy and avant bands are featured in the Supersonic Festival, coming in July.

We are thrilled at what is shaping up to be our best line up yet, with unique performances from such influential artists as Italian legends, GOBLIN, their first show in the UK in 20 years, the reformation of the original line up of HEAD OF DAVID, who bring their driving bombast to proceedings for the first time in 23 years, the notorious Japanese band CORRUPTED who have yet to play on UK soil as well the reawakening of Greg Anderson & Stephen O’Malley of Sunn 0))) maiden voyage into darkeness: the cult black doom act THORR’S HAMMER, not to mention splatter rock band THE ACCUSED, unruly trio MONOTONIX, the expansive drone-noise of GROWING; Brighton’s prog adventure, DIAGONAL; the wild avant futuristic jazz of ZU; the stoned pysch of EARTHLESS, the Virginian sludge rock of PONTIAK, the industrial experiments of 65 DAYS OF STATIC, the immense duo that is FLOWER/CORSANO DUO, occult noise act SKULLFLOWER, also joining the line up is SCORN aka Mick Harris (king of the blast beat) and the new project combining Russell McEwan of Black Sun & the electronic-vocal attack of Lea Cummings (Kylie Minoise) in the form of ATOMIZED, added to this are the power violence duo IRON LUNG and one of the finest folk vocalists NANCY WALLACE will be featured in the line-up, once again highlighting the highly eclectic booking policy of the festival.

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Free Music Performances

Jazz on 3 Features Freedom of the City

From the BBC:

Jez Nelson presents highlights of the 2009 Freedom of the City festival. Curated by Evan Parker and Eddie Prevost, the event celebrates London’s status as one of world’s leading centres of free improvisation.

The line-up includes Evan Parker with his regulars – bass player John Edwards and guitarist John Russell – joined by a special guest, New York trumpeter Peter Evans. Plus a rare UK appearance by Korean cellist Okkyung Lee and long-term collaborators Mark Sanders and Pat Thomas, who perform with guitarist John Coxon.

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Harris Eisenstadt Performances In May

From Improvised Communications:

Fresh off his 10-stop tour of the UK with The Convergence Quartet, and a Jazz Journalists Association Awards nomination for Up and Coming Artist of the Year, drummer/composer Harris Eisenstadt embarks on a busy May schedule of sideman performances.

Carlos Barretto/Harris Eisenstadt/Avram Fefer
May 6-9th: Tour of Portugal

Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Orchestra
May 11, 18 and 25th at Roulette

Ned Rothenberg Trio
May 21st at Le Grand Dakar

The Pavones
May 21st at Zebulon

Nate Wooley Quintet
May 26th at The Stone

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Moon June Records to Release Archival Soft Machine

6 Soft Machine CDs (2)
Image by svennevenn via Flickr

From Moon June Records:

This CD documents an often overlooked phase in the long and complex history of Soft Machine – Australian drummer Phil Howard‘s five-month interim behind the drum stool between Robert Wyatt‘s departure and his eventual long-term replacement John Marshall. It did last long enough to record half of the studio album “Fifth” (1972) and a couple of BBC radio sessions, but until now no official document of that line-up in its preferred environment – the stage. Howard was brought into Soft Machine by saxophonist Elton Dean, both being members of Elton’s side project Just Us, and under their combined influence the band became freer and wilder than ever before (or after) in its existence, pushing longtime leaders Mike Ratledge and Hugh Hopper into unchartered areas of electric madness. Before long they’d decided this wasn’t the way to go, but meanwhile the line-up had antagonised audiences throughout extensive tours of the UK and Europe. This CD documents the German leg of the tour and, as veteran music journalist Steve Lake notes in his detailed liner notes, is a revelation – a glimpse of a highly exciting alternative route Soft Machine decided not to explore further.

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