Image of Nate Wooley from Facebook
Image of Nate Wooley


September 20, 2009
Charles Rumback Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Jason Ajemian, Pedro Costa, Charles Rumback, Joshua Sclar, Greg Ward
Fight the Big Bull, Cornelia Connelly Center
Steven Bernstein, Pinson Chanselle, Bryan Hooten, Brian Jones, JC Kuhl, John Lilley, Bob Miller, Reggie Pace, Cameron Ralston, Jason Scott, Matthew White

September 19, 2009
Darren Johnston Quintet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Sheldon Brown, Trevor Dunn, Darren Johnston, Oscar Noriega, Ches Smith
Kirk Knuffke Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Pedro Costa, Jeff Davis, Brian Drye, Kirk Knuffke, Reuben Radding

September 18, 2009
Avram Fefer Trio, Cornelia Connelly Center
Michael Bisio, Avram Fefer, Reggie Nicholson
Jorrit Dijkstra Solo, Cornelia Connelly Center
Jorrit Dijkstra
Julio Resende Group, Cornelia Connelly Center
Dave Ambrosio, Julio Resende, Joel Silva

September 17, 2009
Daniel Levin Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Peter Bitenc, Daniel Levin, Matt Moran, Nate Wooley
John O’Gallagher Trio, Cornelia Connelly Center
Masa Kamaguchi, John O’Gallagher, Jeff Williams

September 16, 2009
Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day, Cornelia Connelly Center
Pedro Costa, Chris Dingman, Harris Eisenstadt, Ellery Eskelin, Eivind Opsvik, Nate Wooley
Lopes-Levin-Radding, Cornelia Connelly Center
Daniel Levin, Luis Lopes, Reuben Radding

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Performances Reviews

MadLove – Dissonances, Drones and Feedback at Southpaw reviews Trevor Dunn‘s latest project.

The bassist Trevor Dunn has a lot of experience making music of canny disruption and outrageous effect. He’s well entangled in a few different scenes, notably the one that includes the experimental-metal supergroup Fantomas and the one that revolves around the avant-garde polymath John Zorn. (There’s some overlap there.)

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Upcoming Shows at Ars Nova

From Philly’s Ars Nova Workshop:

Friday, September 11, 8pm
with Mary Halvorson, el. guitar; Jonathan Finlayson, trumpet; Jon Irabagon, alto saxophone; Trevor Dunn, bass; and Tomas Fujiwara, drums

International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street
$12 General Admission

A veteran of esteemed composer Anthony Braxton’s ensembles and “probably the most original jazz guitarist to emerge this decade” (Chicago Reader), guitarist Mary Halvorson returns with her new quintet. For this special performance she is joined by bassist Trevor Dunn (John Zorn’s Electric Masada, Fantomas), saxophonist Jon Irabagon, winner of the 2008 Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition and member of MOPDTK, and rising stars Tomas Fujiwara and Jonathan Finlayson (Steve Lehman, Steve Coleman). In addition to her acclaimed trio and quintet, she co-leads a chamber music duo with violist Jessica Pavone and the avant-rock band, People, with drummer Kevin Shea, as well as performs in groups led by Tim Berne, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jason Moran and John Tchicai. Not to be missed.

Thursday, September 24, 8pm
with Cooper-Moore, diddly-bo/banjo; Assif Tsahar, reeds; and Chad Taylor, drums

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 100
$12 General Admission

Cooper-Moore has been a major catalyst in the world of creative music for over 30 years. His first fully-committed jazz group was formed in 1970 – the collective trio Apogee with David S. Ware and drummer Marc Edwards – which opened up for Sonny Rollins at the Village Vanguard in 1973. Following a trying European tour with Ware, Beaver Harris and Brian Smith in 1981, Cooper-Moore returned home and destroyed his piano – with sledgehammer and fire – in his backyard. It was not until the early 90s, when William Parker asked him to join his ensemble, In Order To Survive, that Cooper-Moore’s gifts were again regularly featured in a jazz context. For this rare appearance, he performs with Digital Primitives featuring Israeli reedsman Assif Tsahar, known for his work with Rashied Ali, Peter Kowald and Hamid Drake, and drummer Chad Taylor, a member of the Chicago Underground Duo, Iron and Wine, and a major contributor to Chicago’s post-rock scene where he has recorded with Tortoise, Isotope 217, Stereolab and Sam Prekop.

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Performances Releases Reviews

DMG Newsletter September 4th, 2009

From DMG:

Dennis Gonzalez – 2 CDs! Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya! NUTS with Rasul Siddik & Itaru Oki! Eugene Chadbourne & David Sait! Abercrombie/Feldman/Morgan/Baron! Trevor Dunn‘s MadLove! Sax- Ruins! John Tchicai‘s Five Points!

NEW: Noble/Edwards/Ward! Ryan Blotnick! Acid Mothers Temple! Kawabata Hot RATllesnakes! Charles Tyler! Gary Burton & Chick Corea complete Duets Box! Paul Bowles & Bill Laswell! Derek Bailey & Min Xiao-Fen! Electric Psych Sitar Headswirlers!


Downtown Music Gallery FREE In-Store Performance Schedule Continues with:

Sunday, Septembr 13th at 6pm:
Amazing Free/Jazz Sax & Contrabass Duo!

Sunday, September 20th at 6pm:
Two Colossal Bass Clarinetists in a Rare Duet!

Sunday, September 27th Double Header!
A Fine New Drums/Trumpet/Cello Trio!
Wow! Powerful Trombone & Tenor/Soprano sax Duo!

Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm:
Amazing violin/bass/percussion Trio!
Slam Recording Artist Performs a Rare Tuesday Set at DMG!

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Coming up at RUCMA

Rise Up Creative Music & Arts:

This Week
September, 2009

September 7
7:30 PM
Michael Attias
Tony Malaby – Tenor Sax
John Hebert – bass
Nasheet Waits – drums

9:00 PM
Oliver Lake Trio
Reggie Nicholson – percussion
Bill McClellan – percussion

7 PM
Becca Stevens Vocals

Next 2 Weeks
September 14
7:30 PM
Angelica Sanchez – piano
Sean Connelly – bass

9:00 PM
Chris Speed – cl. sax
Oscar Noriega – sax
Trevor Dunn – bass
Jim Black – drums

September 15
6:30 PM

7:30 PM

September 21
7:30 PM
Francois Grillot & Friends

9:00 PM
Patrick Brennan – alto sax
Lisle Ellis – bass
Bern Nix – guitar

September 22
6:30 PM
Leena Conquest Songs

Lisa Sokolov SOLO voice

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antiMUSIC News discusses Trevor Dunn‘s new group, featuring Trevor on bass of course, Sunny Kim on vocals, Hilmar Jensson on guitar, keyboard player Erik Deutch and drummer Ches Smith. Tom Wilkes, the designer of Captain Beefheart‘s Safe As Milk cover has died. Some experiments with fractal music can be found here.

Finally, if you’re in Chicago and want to help out with the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, call 773-834-3534 or email to volunteer.

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Broken Arm Trio – Self Tited
Broken Arm Trio is a mainly up-beat and very bassy sounding jazz trio featuring Cellist Erik Friedlander(solo & various John Zorn related projects) who also composed all the tracks here, Trevor Dunn( Mr Bungle, solo work & various Zorn related projects, etc) and Michael Sarin on Drums.

Ascanio Borga – Xenomorphic
Ascanio Borga cut his teeth playing guitar in noise rock bands, evidence of which rears its head fairly early into Xenomorphic, his new disk on the under-recognized Afe label. The (title) track starts off in an ambient neo-Eno vein and then splits off into a thumping one chord metal riff. It’s only metal in relation to the guitar tone actually. If the tone was different it could pass for a Krautrock motif because of the stuttering, repetitive rhythm. Borga augments the guitar pattern with other guitar noises, sometimes gratuitous soloing, tasteful percussion and a bevy of granulated background sounds. There also seems to be some bass, which sounds like the real deal, though it’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell these days, with the advent of digital music programming. Borga has a musical background, and the painterly quality of the aforementioned title track makes this very evident. He starts the piece with noise, subtly piling on each element, slowly building forward momentum, the caps it off with the same noisy background which began it.

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April 11, 2009
Gay Disco Trio, The Bell House
Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Trevor Dunn
H-alpha, The Bell House
Jim Black, Briggan Krauss, Ikue Mori
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone, The Bell House
Mary Halvorson, Jessica Pavone
The New Mellow Edwards, The Bell House
Trevor Dunn, Curtis Hasselbring, Ches Smith, Chris Speed

April 10, 2009
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten & Daniel Levin, 5C Cafe
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Daniel Levin
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten & Hakon Kornstad, Monkey Town
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Hakon Kornstad
Kornstad-Seabrook-Bard, Monkey Town
Christine Bard, Hakon Kornstad, Brandon Seabrook

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Henry Grimes: Event Schedule

From Henry Grimes:

Sunday, April 5th, ‘O9: Henry Grimes Presents Leo Lindberg!, Middle Collegiate Church, 2nd Ave. betw. 6th & 7th St’s, NYC, 6 p.m., 212-477-O666, free admission, donations requested, (click on “Jazz on High” on the calendar date April 5th).

Wednesday, April 15th: Henry Grimes and Brandon Ross Present Leo Lindberg!, Issue Project Room, 232 Third St. (at 3rd Ave.), 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY, 2 sets from 8:3O p.m., tickets $15, 718-33O-O313,, directions,

Sunday, April 26th: Deep Tones for Peace, an international Internet all-acoustic bass performance for peace in the Middle East, taking place simultaneously in Jerusalem and NYC and streamed worldwide, performed simultaneously by 16 bassists located in both cities: Thierry Barbe (France), Ora Boazsson (Israel), Mark Dresser (USA), Shayna Dulberger (USA), Trevor Dunn (USA), Ken Filiano (USA), Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria/Denmark), Henry Grimes (USA), James Ilgenfritz (USA), J.C. Jones (Israel), Michael Klinghoffer (Israel), Chi Chi Nwanoku (UK), William Parker (USA), Barre Phillips (USA/France), David Phillips (USA), and Bertram Turetzky (USA), playing for live audiences in both cities simultaneously, to be streamed worldwide on the Internet in a 5- to 6-hour marathon event alternating solos, duos and ensemble pieces between both locations, beginning promptly at noon and going to around 6 p.m. in NYC at the Manhattan School of Music, 12O Claremont Ave. [1OO27], 212-749-28O2,,, , , with a simultaneous public Webcast viewing and presentation at CUE Art Foundation, 511 West 25th St., NYC, 212-2O6-3583, admission by donation,, . Overall Deep Tones for Peace information: Sarah Weaver, , 734-277-269O; Mark Dresser, , 858-534-24O8. And finally, the revelation of a fascinating Deep Tone outer-space source: …

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Secret Chiefs 3 Article

Trey Spruance
Image via Wikipedia

Trey Spruance of SC3 is interviewed.

Known primarily as one of the main creative forces in experimental metal group Mr. Bungle, guitarist Trey Spruance is certainly no stranger to creating genre hybrids. Along with Bungle’s other principal songwriters, Mike Patton and Trevor Dunn, Spruance took glee in mashing up rock, experimental noise, avant-garde jazz, modern classical, obscure film scores and death metal into a twisted, heaving mass. Looking back, Spruance freely admits that Bungle’s aesthetic lacked compassion.

“Mr. Bungle lacked that big-time,” he deadpans. “We were deficient, dehumanized, sub-human, wounded, fucked-up psychological terrorists, frankly. I’ve met a lot of people who were in that phase with us and came out of it on the better side. But I would be bending things to say that we were a good force in the world, though. Because I really don’t think so. Just speaking from the broader cultural context, I don’t think we had a good impact on anything.”

For what it’s worth, I liked Bungle because they were “deficient, dehumanized, sub-human, wounded, fucked-up psychological terrorists.” Sigh.

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