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DMG Newsletter November 20th, 2009

From DMG:

Vandermark All-Star 10-CD Set! Evan Parker QT! Brotzmann Solo! Meredith Monk! Jose Maceda! Braxton & Leandre! Ivo Perelman Trio! John Wolf Brennan Solo! Bobby Previte Group! Swallow/Talmor/Nussbaum!

Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Sun Ra Band! Campbell/McPhee/Parker/Smith Ayler Project! David Murray! Trevor Watts! Leandre/Vidal/Boni! Jamaaladeen Tacuma! Bauer/Thomas/Buck! Tom Waits Live! Luc Ferrari! Rolf Kuhn Tri-O!

Wertmuller/Rupp! .. and Rupp/Pliaks/Wertmuller! Sommer/Phillips/Schoof/Trovesi! Leimgruber/Demierre/Phillips! Stockhausen! Bern/Brody/Rodach! Merzbow! Erdman/Steidle! Oren Ambarchi! Four Moondog CDs! Thomas Heberer Trio!

Bloodbath: King/Otomo/Umezu/Koichi! Gong 2032: Classic ‘Radio Gnome’ lineup Re-United! Unreleased Funkadelic!

and ..omigosh! ..Classic ‘Horo’ Albums FINALLY released on CD: Sun Ra, Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, Konitz/Solal, Johhy Griffin!


Downtown Music Gallery FREE In-Store Performance Schedule Continues with:

This Sunday, November 22nd at 6pm:
ANDERS NILSSON – Guitar Wiz Will Blow Your Mind!

Sunday, November 29th at 6pm – DoubleHeader!: NONOKO YOSHIDA & DAVE SCANLON!
Wonderful New Sax & Guitar Duo!
Swedish Alto Sax Great Meets Downtown Trombone Giant!

Sunday, December 6th at 6pm:
ERGO! Cuneiform Recording Artists Featuring:
Celebrating the Release of their Fabulous New CD!

Sunday, December 13th at 6pm:
Superb Reeds / Acoustic Bass / Drums Trio!

Tuesday, December 15th at 6pm:
New Cello / Contrabass / drums Trio! Rare DMG Tuesday Gig!

Sunday, December 20th at 6pm:
Amazing New Viola & Trombone Duo!

Sundays, December 27th & January 3rd – nothing scheduled

Sunday, January 10th at 6pm:
Extraordinary New Clarinet / Cello / Percussion Trio!

Sunday, January 17th at 6pm:
Two Magical/Mystical Musicians Return to DMG for a Rare Duo Set!

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In Praise of Marc Ribot…

From The Village Voice:

You’d figure a guy like Ribot gets a lot of 1099s. Later in the week, he’ll give a duo concert with avant-garde bassist Henry Grimes at the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea, before whisking himself downtown to play an acoustic set at Tribeca’s City Winery with veteran pop icon Marianne Faithfull the same night. Both shows will sell out. (A few days later, he’ll join Faithfull again on the Late Show With David Letterman, offering a stirringly lyrical eight-bar solo on a cover of the Decemberists’ “The Crane Wife 3.”) He’s kept up this lifestyle for several decades now, cementing a reputation as the hardest-working sideman on the downtown scene, in addition to spearheading countless pioneering jazz groups, cutting almost 20 albums as a leader, and lending his mercurial guitar sound to everyone from Tom Waits to John Zorn to Allen Ginsberg to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Oftentimes, the only connection between the various artists he’s played with is . . . him.

And now, to celebrate his 55th birthday, Ribot is bringing together many of those eclectic collaborators for a week-long career retrospective. From May 9 through 16, he’ll spend almost every night in a different downtown venue with a different group: the ethereal Scelsi Morning, Latin-jazz provocateurs Los Cubanos Postizos, gut-busting jazz-punk powerhouse Shrek (no relation), avant-noise genre-benders Rootless Cosmopolitans, Albert Ayler tribute band Spiritual Unity, “post-everything” electro-funk trio Ceramic Dog (to which Ribot also contributes vocals), and the debut of Sun Ship, his latest foray into the ever-expanding world of free jazz, named after the John Coltrane album.

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Skellaten – Pretend 2 B nice
Skellaten is a one piece female noise project from kelso Washington and Pretend 2 B nice is the projects first cdr full length after a few tapes and compilation tracks. And you’ll be glad to know there’s nothing nice or wholesome in here as the title might hint, this is ear melting and pain boring noise all the way.

Bonesfield – Prototipos Irradiantes
Prototipos Irradiantes(Radiant prototypes) is a very energetic, body slamming and rewarding mix of noise matter, violent electronica and pumped up old school industrial tone. Often the album gives one the feeling of been stuck inside a vast gone crazy factory as the machinery goes in to spectacular overload.

Scott Kelly – The Wake
Scott Kelly is most widely known as a vocalist and guitarist for Neurosis. Last year I reviewed an album by his band mate, Steve Von Till called A Grave is a Grim Horse, which was a mellow album very much along the lines of Mark Lanegan‘s solo material. Von Till applied enough of his own personality to succeed, by staking his own ground. It seems Scott Kelly has been drinking from the same trough, though he seems reluctant to emerge from his shell. This album owes a hardy thanks to the ex-Screaming Trees frontman as well, and a stiff handshake to Tom Waits. A couple of decent precursors for sure, but it’s not evident that Kelly has the passion to compel.

Kylie Minoise – The Paralysis Sect
The Paralysis Sect sees UK noise extraordinaire Kylie Minoise pouring out three long tracks of grim, pained, often airless and soured drone craft and suffocating noise pressing. Each track sonically humming of despair, decay and ruin that’s strangely compelling

Religious Knives – The Door
Oddly enough, the Door sounds a lot like a slightly more esoteric (and motorik) version on the Doors over at least half of its running time. Is the title supposed to be indicative of the direction they’re headed? One would assume so. Despite the prominent use of Manzarek-esque keyboard fills (albeit not as obtrusive as Ray’s), there’s remnants of everything from Neu! to Suicide, maybe even early Royal Trux worked into these bad trip jams.

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Artist Profile

Marc Ribot: Electric Mayhem

Marc Ribot
Image via Wikipedia

Ribot is profiled:

Marc Ribot plays the guitar. That’s about the only straightforward description one can offer for Ribot’s music, free of qualifiers, hyphenates, loaded quotation marks or implied irony. His mutant interests have stood him in good stead over a 30-year career, landing him as axman of choice for everyone from Tom Waits to John Zorn to Elvis Costello.

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