Bohemian in Exile Shows

From Detroit’s Bohemian folks:

Monday Sept 28th: Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg Duo at 2739 Edwin
A leader of the American avant garde joins a leader of the European avant garde in a duo for winds that features free improvised music with a startling level of interplay.

British saxophonist Evan Parker is a pivotal figure in the development of European improvised music. Along with his early collaborator, guitarist Derek Bailey, he pioneered a new approach to free playing that moved away from a jazz based vocabulary. Their work in the mid-sixties was intended to be non-idiomatic, but both musicians had such distinct musical voices that they couldn’t help becoming an idiom unto themselves! Parker has worked with Cecil Taylor, Peter Brotzmann, Tony Oxley, Anthony Braxton et al., as well as more pop related performers like Spitirtualized, Spring Heel Jack and Robert Wyatt.

New Yorker Ned Rothenberg plays a variety of wind instruments, including alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and Shakuhachi. Involved with the ‘downtown scene’- performing with folks like John Zorn, Tom Cora and Marc Ribot– Rothenberg is also internationally-minded in his collaborations, which have included Tuvan throat singers and South Korean musicians.

Doors at 8 pm, music at 8:20. Located at 2739 Edwin, just off Jos Campau in Hamtramck. $10 suggested minimum donation. Please note, there is free parking behind 2739 Edwin, accessed by the alley along side the building. Please park there (if possible) to lower the impact on the neighbors. Thanks

Coming Soon:
10/2 Digital Primitives (Cooper Moore, Assif Tsahar, Chad Taylor) at 2739 Edwin
10/22 Jason Stein
11/4 Plastic Crime Wave, Kat Hernandez Duo

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New Releases from Ad Hoc Records

Tim Hodgkinson
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From Ad Hoc Records:

Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante: Zürich / Bamberg
Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante
Bill Gilonis and Chantale Laplante worked on Zürich-Bamberg intermittently for three years. The CD comprises a series of pieces that fall loosely into a category that could be called “electro-acoustic Hörspiel.” However, with Bill in Zurich and Chantale based firstly in Bamberg, Germany and later in Montreal, Canada, it was difficult to find a way of collaborating by conventional means. But, by ping-ponging audio file CDs between these cities they managed to develop a practical, and in some ways advantageous, composition and recording strategy. For this project conventional instrumentation has been virtually abandoned. What we hear on these recordings – collaged and sometimes manipulated via processing technology – is street noise, household clatter, fragments of radio, close-miked objects, etc. By and large the pieces are constructed from precisely the sounds that our ears are constantly and automatically filtering out; but by orchestrating these sounds into pieces to be listened to – as opposed to heard – listeners are introduced to a radically personal world.

The Hat Shoes: “Differently Desperate”
Bill Gilonis – Catherine Jauniaux – Charles HaywardTom Cora
Ad Hoc Records’ new, four-panel digipack reissue of THE HAT SHOES’ debut album will be especially welcomed by lovers of intelligent and thoughtful Progressive music, with a hint of Romanticism. Originally released in 1991, “DIFFERENTLY DESPERATE” is a studio offering of diverse avant-pop songs by a “Super-group”, comprised of members BILL GILONIS (The Work), CATHERINE JAUNIAUX (Fluvial), CHARLES HAYWARD (This Heat, Camberwell Now) and TOM CORA (Skeleton Crew, Curlew). There’s also a slew of well-known guest performers: David Thomas, Amos, Chris Cochrane, Tim Hodgkinson, Hahn Rowne and Rick Brown, among others.

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Fred Frith and Cosa Brava

Fred Frith performing with (off camera) Larry ...
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Frith plays Boston tomorrow.

It takes a sense of humor to put alligator clips on the strings of a guitar so that notes sound like shattering glass, and to co-found a band with the punny name Henry Cow. So it’s no surprise that Fred Frith, who’s one of the world’s leading improvising musicians and a wildly inventive composer, would form a group called Cosa Brava.

The name of Frith’s new quintet, who play the Institute of Contemporary Art’s “New Music Now” series this Friday, means, roughly, “good thing.” Any resemblance to the Mafia, which referred to itself as “La Cosa Nostra” (“this thing of ours”), is entirely intentional. Frith, who turns 60 in February, has been in bands since he was 14. He understands that a group is a closed society with a particular style of communicating. And that applies especially to the improvising units he’s been part of, from the insanely eclectic Henry Cow in the mid ’70s to the howling avant-rockers Art Bears to Skeleton Crew, with the late cellist Tom Cora, to John Zorn’s brawny Naked City.

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