Magnus Broo in Chicago

From Post No Bills:

Broo is one of Sweden’s most skilled and flexible horn men, a guy rooted in the fundamentals of the American jazz tradition (he studied at the University of Texas during the 80s). His early work reveals a more straight-ahead sensibility, but since cofounding Atomic in 1999 and serving a stint in the Peter Br√∂tzmann Chicago Tentet–filling in for trombonist Bishop during the period he retired from music due to hearing issues–he’s opened up his playing and become much more daring. On Lorena–which features six original pieces, including three by Broo–his bold, blustery playing seethes with a muscular melodocism, ripping through tricky, rhythmically complex themes (which set up provocative platforms for improvisation), then busting out with endless streams of lyrical elaboration.

Broo will be busy over the next four nights. Tomorrow he’ll join excellent Dutch group Trio Braam de Joode Vatcher at Elastic and on Friday and Saturday he and pianist Wiik (who also plays in Atomic) will participate in the Vandermark 5 Special Edition at the Green Mill. Ken Vandermark has created new arrangements of some older V5 material and written some new pieces to accommodate these two excellent guests. The performances will be recorded for later release.

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