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Sturmpercht – A wilde Zeit
A wilde Zeit is not the new album from Sturmpercht the masters and inventors of alpine- folk form; but it’s a fairly wonderful and consistent collection of odd’s and ends by the band which comes in near the 80 minute mark & offers up 18 varied tracks.

Il Cielo di Baghdad – Export For Malinconique
When glockenspiel is listed among the instruments it’s not very likely that things will become rough. Italian indie group Il Cielo di Baghdad indeed aim for more dreamy sounds, full of melancholy.

Fecalove – Filth
Filth stands as one of the most effective, perverse and grimly atmospheric yet approachable to none noise-ears work by Italian noise sleazy master Fecalove; so far in his short but prolific career. It finds him mixing in moments of clear vocals, bent yet memorable industerlized electronic beats scapes and a seedy atmospheric edge to his mix of noise and power electronics.

Anthony Patera & Robin Fox – End of Daze
End of Daze is a wonderfully brain frying electro attack which takes in electro-acoustic elements, manic multi-layered electroinca that’s both highly precise and jarring with the odd risers to more noisier overloaded territory here and there too.

Striborg – In The Heart Of The Rainforest / Misanthropic Isol

This is the next chapter in Displeased records reissue series of old albums by Striborg -the prolific and often avant-garde touched one man Black Metal project from Tasmania. This one brings together In the heart of the rainforest which originates from 2000 & Misanthropic isolation from 1998; both which were original released in very ltd CDR form at the time.

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