Ojai Music Festival

This fest takes place next month outside of Los Angeles, and features, among many others, The Eighth Blackbird and Tin Hat. Some scheduled performances are below.


PART I – 4:00 pm
Steve Reich: Double Sextet
Stravinsky: Songs
Lee Hyla: We Speak Etruscan
Victor Ekimovskij: Kites Flying
Taverner: In Nomine
Pete Rose: Tall P

PART II – 5:30pm
Stephen Hartke: Meanwhile
Steven Mackey: Heavy Light
Lisa Bielawa: Kafka Songs
John Cage: Construction No. 3

PART III – 7:00pm
David Rakowski: Selected Piano Etudes
Hartke: Oh Them Rats is Mean in My Kitchen
Nathan Davis/Trimpin: Sounder
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union

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