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18 March 2009:

Oh it’s March. Rob Murphy is here and we’re putting the final touches on the mixes of the Nobodies album, to be entitled “Nobodies Cup of Tea” which we recorded here last July. (Note: the mixes you hear on their myspace page are really quick rough mixes I did at the end of the July session, don’t know why they’d make those available but oh well.) Anyway I think it’s going to be a great album and it’s always a pleasure working with Mr. Murphy.

In the meantime I continue stockpiling songs ideas for my next solo album which I still hope to begin recording late this summer. It’s been a long time coming, but after finishing my previous album The Shunned Country, I wanted to wait a long time before embarking on the next. The way it usually went was this: about the time I’d be finishing up an album, I’d already have a clear idea about the general character and direction for the next one. After Shunned, into which I’d put much more work than any of the others, I definitely felt I was done for a while, and having released six solo albums between 1994-2005, it didn’t bother me at all to say OK I’ll just stop for a while and wait. It seems to have worked; I’ve got a clear idea now for this next batch of tunes, they’re coming along nicely, they’ve got a different character than the last few albums, and who knows if anyone else is going to like it…as usual! Anyhow we’ll see…if I do get them recorded this year it’ll be released sometime in 2010. I’m still not in a big hurry apparently.

The following is a repeat from last month’s update, just hoping someone reads it and has some ideas!:

Bob Drake‘s Cabinet of Curiosities is looking for some gigs in October 2009, this time in the western USA. Let’s say for starters, roughly between Colorado-California, and along the west coast. As we did on the first tour, we want to play in garages, livingrooms, toolsheds, basements, backyards, informal coffee houses or galleries, that sort of thing. Any kind of informal or unusual setting! If you have any ideas, please write to me at:

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Ensemble Economique – No GPs
Ensemble Economique is the new project from Brian Pyle one half of strange, haunted and audio acid tinged soundscape makers The Straving weirdoes. And through No GPs is still very strange and deeply atmospheric this is quite a departure from the SW expansive and dense sound.

Svarte Greiner – Kappe
Kappe is the second full length release by Norse electronic meets acoustic doom project Svarte Greiner and like the first album it’s another lightless and unforgiving journey in bleak atmospherics.

R Millis – 120
Robert Millis is member of Climax Golden Twins, collector of 78rpm records and maker of fieldrecordings. What’s considered his first solo-album Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums was a collection of the latter, made in South-East Asia.

Ursula Bogner – Recordings 1969-1988
Somehow it’s a bit sad that the internet—even though far from devoid of its own kind of myths—pretty much ruins any attempt at storytelling or anonymity as an artistic expression. People want to know the ‘truth’ rather than just go with an interesting story and step outside daily reality for a while.

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