All About Jazz Reviews

Cover of "Mingus Ah Um"
Cover of Mingus Ah Um

From All About Jazz:

01-Sep-09 East West Quintet
Vast (Native Language)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

01-Sep-09 Joe Morris
Wildlife (AUM Fidelity)
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

01-Sep-09 Ornette Coleman
Town Hall 1962 (ESP Disk)
Reviewed by Stuart Broomer

31-Aug-09 John Surman / Howard Moody
Rain On The Window (ECM Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

31-Aug-09 Vijay Iyer Trio
Historicity (ACT Music)
Reviewed by Chris May

30-Aug-09 James Carney Group
Ways & Means (Songlines Recordings)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza

30-Aug-09 Charles Mingus
Mingus Ah Um: 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition (Legacy Recordings)
Reviewed by Stuart Broomer

29-Aug-09 Carl Maguire’s Floriculture
Sided Silver Solid (Firehouse 12 Records)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

27-Aug-09 Ben Perowsky Quartet
Esopus Opus (Skirl Records)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

26-Aug-09 John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble: Eternal Interlude (Sunnyside Records)
Reviewed by Raul d’Gama Rose

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All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

10-Jun-09 Sun Ra
Sun Ra (featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold) (ESP Disk)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza

10-Jun-09 Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy
Spirit Moves (Greenleaf Music)
Reviewed by Martin Longley

09-Jun-09 Steve Lehman Octet
Travail, Transformation, and Flow (Pi Recordings)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

08-Jun-09 Tyft
Smell The Difference (Skirl Records)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

07-Jun-09 Joelle Leandre / William Parker
Live At Dunois (Leo Records)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

06-Jun-09 Rashied Ali
Rashied Ali: Meditations, Live in Europe and Art-Work
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

06-Jun-09 Multiple Artists
Solo Septuagenarian/Octogenerian Piano: Abdullah Ibrahim, Ran Blake, Paul Bley & Martial Solal
Reviewed by Ken Dryden

06-Jun-09 Sun Ra
Sun Ra
Reviewed by Stuart Broomer

06-Jun-09 Steve Swell
Steve Swell: Magical Listening Hour & Planet Dream
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

06-Jun-09 Peter Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann – Sweet Sweat & The Brain of the Dog in Section
Reviewed by Ted Gordon

06-Jun-09 Multiple Artists
Bass Clarinetists: Rudi Mahall, Matt Lavelle & Jacques Foschia
Reviewed by Fred Bouchard

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Mary Halvorson And Jessica Pavone On Tour

From Improvised Communications:

Next week, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone will tour the East Coast in support of their recently released third recording, Thin Air (Thirsty Ear).

04/15: Slainte (Portland, ME)
04/16: The Lily Pad (Cambridge, MA)
04/17: The Buoy (Kittery, ME)
04/18: National Spiritual Alliance Hall (Amherst, MA)
04/19: The Third Degree (Asbury Park, NJ)

The duo will also perform this Saturday, April 11th as part of the Skirl Records party at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

From Free Jazz:

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Hyperactive Kid – 3 (Jazzwerkstatt, 2008) ****

Friday, October 24, 2008
Red Sphere – H-Alpha (Skirl Records, 2008) ****

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Trygve Seim & Frode Haltli – Yeraz (ECM, 2008) ****

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Erika Dagnino & Stefano Pastor – Cycles (Slam, 2007) ****

Monday, October 20, 2008
RIDD Quartet – Fiction Avalanche (Clean Feed, 2008) ****½

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