Now Now Fest 2010

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From the NOW now, an organization that puts on improv music in Australia:

Our 9th festival is happening JAN Friday 22- Sunday 24 2010 in the Blue Mountains.

starring…THE SPLINTER ORCHESTRA, Mark Boar (damaged guitar, tapes); Kirsty Stegwazi (violin cello, etc), STREIFENJUNKO (NOR), Somaya Langley (electronics) & Jon Hunter (guitar, electronics), Kris Wanders (sax), Adam Sussman (guitar), Rory Brown (bass) & Mani Neumeier (drums), Rizili (vox, guitar); Martin Ng (tuntables, electronics);Borce Markovski (vocals); Mike Majkowski (vox), PEKING: Clare Cooper (bass guitar); Brendan Walls (guitar); Stu Olsen (drums), Ensemble playing various microtonal instruments of Kraig Grady, Kraig Grady, Terumi Narushima, Alex Masso, Fin Ryan, Laura Altman (clarinet); Rory Brown (double bass); Aemon Webb (electronics); Kim Myhr (guitar); Espen Reinertsen (tenor sax & flute), SIMS PROJECT: Claire Herbert (laptop/MAXMSP); Fred Rodrigues (laptop); Abel Cross (bass guitar, pedals); Adrian Klumpes (keys); Hirofumi Uchino (electronics); Tony Osbourne (vocals), QUINTET EXPERIMENTA (ARG): Adriana de los Santos (prepared piano, objects); Grod Morel (sampler, laptop); Claudio Calmens (electric guitar, wind instruments); Zypce (electric percussion, tuntable, CD); Claudio Koremblit (visuals, prepared electric guitar), POTATO MASTA: Hayato Yoshinari (electronics, vox), CHRONOX, Jon Rose (fence), Neill Duncan (sax,); Alex Masso (percussion, drums); Sam Pettigrew (double bass); Sam Dobson (double bass); Alister Spence (piano), ZEIT KUNST 6, Michel Doneda (sax); Kim Myhr (guitar, objects); Matthias Muche (trombone); Clayton Thomas (bugle, kazoo, etc); Sven Hahne (computer), Clare Cooper (Guzheng), NHOMEAS, JOEY AND THE CALYPSOES, Interactive Netball, facilitated by Jon Rose and lots more

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Coming up at RUCMA

From New York’s Rise Up Creative Music & Arts:

December 7
7:30 PM
Shayna Dulberger Quintet
Shayna Dulberger – Bass
Jonathan Moritz – Sax / Tomas Fujiwara – Drums
Ben Gerstein – Trombone / Chris Welcome – Guitar
9:00 PM
Michael Bisio Quartet
Michael Bisio – Bass / Stephen Gauci – Tenor Saxophone
Avram Fefer – Saxes / Jay Rosen – Drums
10:30 PM
Yoni Kretzmer Group
Yoni Kretzmer – Tenor Sax
Jason Ajemian – Bass / Mike Pride – Drums

December 8
6:30 PM
The American Tribal Ensemble
Sarah James – Voice
Herb Robertson – Trumpet / Ed Schuller – Bass
8:00 PM
Pyeng Threadgill Group
Pyeng Threadgill – Voice / Tyler Wood – Keyboards
Derek Nievergelt – Bass / Evan Pazner – Drums
In Two Weeks

December 14
7:30 PM
Shot X Shot (Philly)
Matt Engle – Bass / Dan Capecchi – Drums
Bryan Rogers – Tenor Sax / Dan Scofield – Alto Sax
9:00 PM
Alexander Hawkins Quartet (UK)
Alexander Hawkins – piano / Rob Brown – Alto Sax
Mark Helias – Bass / Harris Eisenstadt – Drums
10:30 PM
Killer BOB
Johan Andersson – Saxes / Max Jaffe – Drums
Rob Lundberg – Bass / David Scanlon – Guitar

December 15
6:30 PM
JuJu Seahorse
Paul Harding – Spoken Music
Joe Ford – Saxes / Hill Greene – Bass
Karma Johnson – Vocals / TBA – Drums
8:00 PM
Mossa Bildner Group
Mossa Bildner – vocals / Brahim Fribgane – Oud
Andre Lasalle – Electric Guitar / VAL-INC – Electronic Percussions

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From New York’s Rise Up Creative Music & Arts:

Start: 08/03/2009 – 7:30pm
End: 08/03/2009 – 10:00pm

7:30PM – Min Xiao-Fen‘s Asian Trio: Min Xiao-Fen (pipa, vocals and electronics), Okkyung Lee (cello), and Satoshi Takeishi (percussion and electronics)

9PM – Local Lingo: Jason Kao Hwang (violin and compositions), Sang Won Park (kayagum, ajang and voice) with SPECIAL GUEST Joe McPhee (saxophones, pocket trumpet etc…)

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Wolf Eyes – Always Wrong Reviewed

Cover of "Human Animal"
Cover of Human Animal

Experimental noise group Wolf Eyes has their latest effort reviewed.

“Cellar” starts the album out by shedding the processed vocals that were integral to earlier Wolf Eyes releases in favor of a snotty, almost punk sounding snarl before letting the electronic waste and reeds tear everything asunder. This is Wolf Eyes in an even more ferocious mode than anything from Human Animal. At the other end of the album, the group creates a new kind of drift for themselves by incorporating a droning harmonica on “Droll/Cut The Dog” that wouldn’t sound out of place in an Ennio Morricone soundtrack except for the sinister ramblings that blanket the composition.

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Emily Hay Live in July

From Emily Hay:

Saturday, July 11, 2009 8:00pm at Cafe Metropol
923 E. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
MOTOKO HONDA (piano, hammond organ)with EMILY HAY (flutes, vocals,
electronics), MATT PIPER (computers, keybards) and KAI KUROSAWA (warr

Sunday, July 12, 2009 9:00PM at Echo Curio
1519 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, CA 90026
EMILY HAY (flutes vocals and electronics) and FRIENDS (tba)
ANNA HOMLER (voice, toys, sound art) and FRIENDS (tba)

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Diamatregon – Crossroad
French black metal band Diamatregon make speedy and grim blacked metal with dips into blacked post-rock and punk edger’s along its way. The bands sound is both tied to the tradition of true black metal yet it’s progressive, it’s memorable yet never safe & experimental but never too much so. Crossroad is the bands third album and it’s a highly consistent, grimly memorable slice of blacked metal craft.

Thunderwheel – Credo
Thunderwheel is the new project from Vadim Gusis who is the sonic mastermind behind the wonderful Russian music meets ambient and folk of Agnivolok & respected ethic industrial ambient collective Chaos as a Shelter. And through Thunderwheel shows Gusis usual flair for varied and exotic instrumentation this is quite different sounding from either project.

Krga – Thousands
In two 3″ cdr’s we get to see two different sides of the Seattle-based musician Kgra, or Kristian Garrard. A nice little package, with nice music as well.

A Minority of One – Bathe in Fiery Answer
A Minority of One’s sound is very difficult to pin down, describe or put into any genre bracket, which in itself is reason alone to check them out. They mix up a very earthy, organic & often primal sound that often takes in percussive elements, natural based field recordings, droning horn work, dramatic male singing and drone textures.

Joris J – Fabrikation von Konsens
Fabrikation von Konsens(Production of Consent) offers up a very heady, dense and murky collection of lo-fi electronic mood scapes and dark electroinca that weave in elements of bent and cut piano music, aged soundtrack matter and general effective/ atmospherics noise texture. All to create a series of pieces that feel like they’ve come from some strange and bent nocturnal world just beyond our normal vision.

The Bad Statistics – Lucky Town Gone
The Bad Statistics make stumbling, droning and sleazed grange rock that’s rich with jagged discordant edger’s, haphazard sonic slumps and a rather appealing seedy atmosphere but the strangest and most unique element of the bands sound is the madden and manic vocals of lead singer Thebis Mutante; who gives one of the most unhinged and unbalance vocal performer I’ve ever heard.

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Performances Reviews

Bjork and Dirty Projectors – Musical Ambitions Overflow

An odd pairing is reivewed:

The music was quiet: just voices and modestly amplified acoustic instruments. But the songs were hugely complex and ambitious, announcing their destination in the lyrics: “on and on and ever onward.”

Bjork was collaborating on a suite of six very new songs with Dirty Projectors, the New York City band led by David Longstreth. They had been brought together by Brandon Stosuy, from the music blog, who supervised a Bjork tribute album and found they admired each other. No wonder: they could be musical cousins, although their songs head in different directions. Mr. Longstreth’s leaping, suddenly swelling vocal lines clearly show Bjork’s influence. And his music’s blend of classical and progressive-rock intricacy, pointillistic backup singing and West African picking patterns rightly appeals to the equally eclectic Bjork.

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Communicating Ideas Without a Word

The New York Times reviews a performance hosted by the Electronic Music Foundation.

Composers and poets, and of course, singers, have long rhapsodized about the purity and naturalness of the human voice, and about how instruments are really just mechanical imitations on which performers aspire to produce a lyrical line and a singing tone.

Strictly speaking, though, it has been a while since that was entirely true. Instrumentalists, when not chasing that vaunted lyricism, have long striven for a kind of virtuosity that singers cannot approximate. And these days, composers and new-music singers think nothing of abandoning that prized purity and naturalness in favor of electronic sound processing. Some singers, clearly, aspire to be electric guitars or synthesizers.

This is not lost on the Electronic Music Foundation, which is presenting “The Human Voice in a New World,” a series of three free concerts exploring new approaches to singing and vocal composition. The opening concert, on Monday evening at the Frederick Loewe Theater at New York University, was devoted to “Messa di Voce,” a multimedia collaboration between Joan La Barbara and Jaap Blonk, both composers and singers, and Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, video artists who work under the name Tmema.

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KFJC Reviews

From KFJC:

Chen, Yuanlin – “Away From Xuan” – Innova/American Composers Chen studied music in his native China where he pioneered a computer and electronic music studio. He has a PhD from SUNY Stony Brook. These three pieces show a lot of variety in his music. “Away from Xuan” is a big symphonic piece. “Wondering along the Journey” uses instruments such as sheng, dizi, erhu, and pipa for a more Chinese sound. “Chasing the Sun” is startlingly original – this guitar quartet pushes the instruments into all kinds of sounds and percussive effects. Gorgeous, dramatic, and accessible.

Autistic Daughters – “Uneasy Flowers” – Staubgold On their 2nd release, “Uneasy Flowers” from 2008, Autistic Daughters create a moody atmosphere with their slow, quiet musical creations accompanied by emotional male vocals. Autistic Daughters is mainly a trio made up of New Zealander Dean Roberts vocals, acoustic/electric guitars , Vienna’s Martin Brandlmayr drums, vibraphone, computer based processing , and Werner Dafeldecker double bass, electric guitars . There’s also some guest piano from Chris Abrahams and mandoguitar by Martin Siewert. It’s pleasant, yet raw with lyrical gems like “feral roses.”

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – “Mama’s House Live 35th Anniversary Project” – Katalyst Entertainment Jazz: This is a recording of a live February 2006 performance by the Chicago-based Ethnic Heritage Ensemble EHE . To say that this band, who through 35 years has had many incarnations, is tied to anything earthly is a misstatement, however. Ever since Kahil El’Zabar returned to Chicago from Ghana and formed the band whose intention was to combine African American music with traditional African music, the EHE has sought to transcend walls that would box music in. Joining the multi-percussionist, vocalist, and composer El’Zabar here are young and talented Corey Wilkes

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