Satoko Fujii Ma-do Quartet at the Vortex in London, England

All About Jazz provides a review of this show.

Satoko Fujii Ma-do Quartet
Vortex Jazz Bar
London, England
February 6, 2009

Japanese pianist and composer Satoko Fujii may have small hands but more than compensates with a big conception, realizing its expression through a bewildering range of vehicles. A full house at London’s Vortex Jazz Bar hosted her latest project, the Ma-do Quartet, partway through their first European tour.

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AMN Podcast: Fast ‘n’ Bulbous – Waxed Oop

Woeish Me Bop

Captain Beefheart‘s music is the quintessential ‘outsider art music’ of the second half of the 20th century. Despite the fact that he retired from music over 25 years ago, his music resonates more strongly than ever as an influence on contemporary music. Fast ‘n’ Bulbous offer a unique slant on the songbook of one of contemporary music’s most idiosyncratic musical figures. The band features seven great, well-regarded musicians drawn from the rock and the jazz worlds: co-leaders guitarist Gary Lucas (who was in the final incarnation of Beefheart’s Magic Band) and saxist/arranger Phillip Johnston (of the Microscopic Septet) as well as drummer Richard Dworkin, and baritone saxist Dave Sewelson (both also of the Micros), trombonist Joe Fieldler (Ed Palermo Big Band and Satoko Fujii‘s big band), bassist Jesse Krakow (of Time of Orchids and Doctor Nerve) and trumpeter Rob Heinke (also of Doctor Nerve). With a strong, creative line-up like this, you know that you will be getting something more than just a ‘cover band’ and you indeed are. Heartfelt, exciting and it both rocks and swings!

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Tom Hull’s Jazz Reviews

A few more from reviewer Tom Hull:

Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii: Chun
Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York: Summer Suite
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya: Sanrei
Satoko Fujii Ma-Do: Heat Wave
Curlew: 1st Album/Live at CBGB 1980
Eri Yamamoto: Duologue
Maurice Horsthuis: Elastic Jargon
William Parker Quartet: Petit Oiseau
Misha Alperin: Her First Dance
Evan Parker/The Transatlantic Art Ensemble: Boustrophedon
Bobby Previte & the New Bump: Set the Alarm for Monday
Kieran Hebden/Steve Reid: NYC

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Bagatellen Reviews

From Bagatellen:

Sakoto Fujii Ma-do – Heat Wave
By clifford ? December 4, 2008 ? Post a comment
Not Two 806-2
Heat Wave is the latest in a series of quartet recordings co-led by Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and usually featuring her husband, trumpeter Natsuki Tamura. It is the second release for Fujii and Tamura on Poland’s Not Two, following a 2007 duet release. Ma-Do differs from her other quartets mainly in […]

Joe Morris Bass Quartet – High Definition
By derek ? December 2, 2008 ? Post a comment
Joe Morris’ current quartet is essentially the Steve Lantner Quartet with Taylor Ho Bynum in place of Lantner, but the leader’s force of personality cuts such a casual summation off at the knees. A transparent band name abolishes any lingering doubt as to leader or his choice of instrument. An avoidance of obfuscation governs the […]

Makaya Ntshoko & the New Tsotsis – Happy House
By derek ? December 2, 2008 ? Post a comment
Makaya Ntshoko may not garner the name recognition of his countryman and colleague, Louis Moholo-Moholo, but the pair does share distinction as members of the ever-dwindling expatriate community with roots in the Blue Notes. This year has been unusually bountiful in terms of releases revolving on that South African axis. The Ogun Blue Notes box […]

Vincent Gardner – Vin-Slidin’
By derek ? December 2, 2008 ? Post a comment
Anguish can sometimes accompany influence as a musician seeks to establish his or her sound. Going against that grain, trombonist Vincent Gardner seems perfectly at ease with the sources of his musical vocabulary. From the opening rendering of Nat Adderley’s “Teaneck” and forward, there are moments where he sounds nearly the doppelganger of J.J. Johnson, […]

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All About Jazz Reviews

Ned Rothenberg at Appleby Jazz Festival 2007
Image via Wikipedia

From All About Jazz:

18-Nov-08 Arild Andersen
Live at Belleville (ECM Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

18-Nov-08 Satoko Fujii / New York Big Band
Summer Suite (Libra Records)
Reviewed by Budd Kopman

17-Nov-08 Rob Mazurek
Rob Mazurek’s excellent adventures in Brazil and France
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

17-Nov-08 Steven Bernstein‘s Millennial Territory Orchestra
We Are MTO (MOWO! Inc.)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

17-Nov-08 Kirk Knuffke Quartet
Bigwig (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Martin Longley

16-Nov-08 Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp: Multiplication Table, Abbey Road Duos, Un Piano & Cosmic Suite
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

16-Nov-08 Taylor Ho Bynum
Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (Hatology)
Reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

16-Nov-08 Paolo Angeli / Evan Parker / Ned Rothenberg
Free Zone Appleby 2007 (Psi)
Reviewed by Martin Longley

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