Upcoming Events in LA

Three shows coming later this month to Los Angeles.

February 27, 2009

Tribal presents three indie jazz bands: Slumgum, Whale Shark, & Colter Frazier/Matt Crane. Come sample an emerging SoCal modern jazz scene with bands from LA and Santa Barbara.

Tribal Café
1651 W. Temple St., #A
Los Angeles, CA., 90026-5026
(Echo Park)
no cover/$6 minimum delicious purchase

SLUMGUM combines elements of jazz, free improvisation, world music, and contemporary classical music to shape a unique voice as a band. Their exhilarating live shows take the audience through a sonic journey that is both communicative and provocative. Using an arsenal of compositions by all band members as a point of departure, Slumgum weaves original music and standards into a performance of fun, unpredictable improvisation. This band is committed to creating music that is innovative and visceral, yet accessible and rooted in the tradition of American music to create an exciting experience for any listener.

COLTER FRAZIER (tenor sax) and MATT CRANE (drums) perform music to uplift the spirit and instill positivity into the heart. Relatively isolated in Santa Barbara for many years, Colter Frasier has been honing a unique playing style and compositional sound that shines like a beacon of hope in a dark world of jazz that too often lacks individuality.

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