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Werewolf Jerusalem/The Slasher Is The Se – Among The killing
Among the killing is a split c20 tape between Richard Ramirez’s Werewolf Jerusalem & fellow Texas noister Christian Perdomo project The Slasher Is The Sex Maniac. The tape offers up two 10 minute sides of giallo obsessed static noise making & agitated jittering tone abuse.

Runhild Gammelsæter – Amplicon
Runhild Gammelsæter joined Thorr’s Hammer when she met Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson while in the United States as a foreign exchange student. The product of six weeks of collaboration resulted in Sannhet i Blodet, a twenty minute demo and their lone album, 1996’s Dommedagsnatt. The band’s lifespan was cut short due to Gammelsæter’s return to her native Norway. It is now well known that O’Malley and Anderson have gone on to carve a path in heavy music with Sunn0))) (whose album White1 Gammelsæter is a guest), Burning Witch, Khanate and myriad collaborations. While Thorr’s Hammer may or may not have pioneered what is now known as DOOM music, it’s undeniable that they presented an impetus for the path it would take thereafter. Following Thorr’s Hammer, Gammelsæter appears to have worked extensively on her studies, as she possesses a PhD in cell Physiology, is a Fulbright Scholar and currently heads a Norwegian biotechnology company.

Griz zlor – CXXIV: Untitled
CXXIV: Untitled offers up a frying, crumbling & thick 20 minute track of Harsh Wall Noise by Griz zlor; the HWN project of Philadelphia based Paul Dever (Failure Of A Great Machine & earthspacenoise).

Yarn Moor – So, I’ll take your hand and…
Yarn Moor are a Japanese trio that create warmness via deranged electronics, field recordings, tape manipulation and ethereal vocalizations. Whilst pop in nature their music shows hidden details that stretch the strictness of usual formulas to a more organic result. This is the projects début album

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