The Electric Ascension Film Project is Looking for a Grant Writer

John Rogers is making a film about ROVA and is looking for some help. Contact him if you have experience and time to work on grants.

The Electric Ascension film project is looking for a grant writer with experience in the avant-garde art and music world.

A documentary is underway about the Rova Saxophone Quartet‘s re-incarnation of John Coltrane‘s milestone free-jazz recording from 1965, Ascension; famously called “…the single most vexatious work in jazz history” by Gary Giddins, and on its release, “…possibly the most powerful human sound ever recorded,” (William Mathieu, Down Beat). The film revolves around the impact of the original Ascension recording, and its re-emergence in a series of turbulent live performances by the large electrified ensemble Orkestrova. Separated by forty years, the two works serve as gateways for audiences to engage with the continuum of American experimental music, and John Coltrane’s contentious late period.

Contact John Rogers,, in Berkeley, (510) 647-5051

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Rova’s Rovaté 2009

From Rova:

Rovaté 2009: Fissures, Futures (for Buckminster Fuller)

May 22 23, 2009, 8PM
Kanbar Hall, JCCSF
3200 California Street
Tickets: 415.292.1233 or
$24 public | $21 JCCSF members | $16 students

Buckminster Fuller drawing drawing by Buckminster Fuller

Rova Saxophone Quartet returns to Kanbar Hall for another no-sounds-barred evening of improvisatory collaboration. Acclaimed Berlin-based multimedia artist/wunderkind Lillevan, joins international music giants from the field of improvised music to perform Fissures, Futures, a set of pieces dedicated to the visionary genius that was Buckminster Fuller. Live music and digital animation will lock themselves into a continuous feedback loop – with the music influencing the real-time films’ creation and the film images inspiring the music. Not to be missed. Both shows will be recorded live for future DVD release.

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An AAJ Interview with Larry Ochs

From All About Jazz:

Best known as a member of the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Mr. Ochs has recorded over two dozen albums in the past two decades plus with this ensemble. The material that Rova covers is diverse, challenging, and rewarding to both the band and listener alike, extending from raw, pure improvisation to complex composition (contributed by Mr. Ochs and band mates Steve Adams, Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley in addition to Anthony Braxton, Tim Berne, John Carter, Muhal Richard Abrams, Jack DeJohnette, Barry Guy, Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Robin Holcomb, Alvin Curran, and Terry Riley).

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The Sax & Drumming Core weaves roots music, attention to form

A professional level drumset (Pearl Masters St...
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Larry Ochs‘ Sax & Drumming Core is reviewed.

As a band concept, two drummers and a saxophonist might sound like a formula for wild free jazz wailing. But in the hands of Larry Ochs, the Sax & Drumming Core combines a love of visceral roots music with rigorous attention to form.

Best known as a founding member of ROVA Saxophone Quartet, a San Francisco Bay Area-based institution with a three-decade track record of innovative improvisational strategies, Ochs decided several years ago that he wanted to work in a drum-laden context.

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