Wide Hive Records

Wide Hive Records has a new release coming out featuring Phil Ranelin.

& Tribe Renaissance LIVE! REMINISCENCE

Phil Ranelin’s third release on Wide Hive Records, Phil Ranelin and Tribe Renaissance Live! is inspired by Ranelin’s intuitive understanding of a younger audience’s yearning for music that matters, and the spontaneity and truth that manifests through playing to a live audience.

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Eugene Chadbourne in St. Louis

From Riverfront Times:

Unlike his more dour peers, Eugene Chadbourne is an avant-garde icon for the rest of us. In more than 30 years of performing, the multi-instrumentalist, improviser, writer and raconteur has filled more than 100 of his own and other people’s albums with guitar freakouts, goofy voices, banjo freakouts, left-wing satire, amplified yard-implement freakouts and even songs with verses and choruses and everything. He’s collaborated with John Zorn, Billy Bragg and Corrosion of Conformity, and he still tours everywhere, all of the time.

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