UCSC/ISIM Improvisation Festival/Conference 2009

Yet another upcoming fest, this one from UCSC/ISIM Improvisation Festival/Conference 2009:

Thursday, December 3
4:00pm: Pamela Z
5:00pm: Soraya Murray’s Panel on Electronic Media and Improvisation
6:30pm: Art Jones
7:00pm: UCSC/ISIM Opening Ceremony (at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center)
David Cope‘s Algorithmic Improvisation Program
– Syncline/Anticline: Ben Leeds Carson
– Freddy Redd
– ISIM Open Jam Session

Friday, December 4
With Keynote Speaker: George Lewis
3:30: George Lewis and Roscoe Mitchell Duet (with Yamaha Disklavier piano)
5:00: Rob DZ’s Freestyle 101
7:00pm: Featured Headliner Charles Lloyd Concert with Geri Allen (Opening)

Saturday, December 5
1:30pm: David Anthony’s Film Series
3:00pm: Jin Hi Kim‘s Electric Komungo
7:00pm: 21st-Century Musicism: Improvisation for your Imagination
– India Cooke
– Ashwin Batish
– Karlton Hester’s The Divine Particle’s Vision #2

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Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, performing a...
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October 10, 2009
Evan Parker Trio with William Parker & Matthew Shipp, The Stone
Steve Dalachinsky, Evan Parker, William Parker, Matthew Shipp

October 06, 2009
Evan Parker Duos & Trios with Sylvie Courvoisier & Ikue Mori, The Stone
Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker

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The Squid’s Ear Reivews

From the Squid’s Ear:

Peter Evans:
nature / culture

Archetti, Luigi / Bo Wiget:
Low Tide Digitals III
(Rune Grammofon)

Charity Chan:
Somewhere the sea and salt
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Solar Research Arkestra:
Helsinki 1971 – The Complete Concert & Interview (2 CDs & DVD)

Savoldelli, Boris & Elliott Sharp:
(MoonJune Records)

Blast 4tet:
(ReR Megacorp)

Cancura / Morris / Nazary:
Fine Objects
(Not Two)

Pansonic / Haino Keiji:
Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You
(Blast First Petite)

Fred Anderson:
Staying in the Game

Francois Carrier and Michel Lambert:
(Creative Sources)

Honsinger, Tristan & Massimo Simonini:
Call Me Us
(I Dischi de )

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September 08, 2009
Centric 3, The Stone
Shoko Nagai, Ryan Sawyer, Elliott Sharp
Super Seaweed Sex Scandal, The Stone
Joe Merolla, Borey Shin, Justin Veloso, Paul Wheeler, Nonoko Yoshida

September 07, 2009
Gordon Grdina Trio, Bar 4
Gordon Grdina, Mark Helias, Kenton Loewen
Justin Peake & Jacob Wick, Bar 4
Justin Peake, Jacob Wick

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Avant Rock Show in Paris

Short notice, as this show is scheduled for July 4th, but a great lineup nonetheless.

Schizophonic Cabaret – autour de Pascal Comelade

Faust (www.myspace.com/faustpages)
Richard Pinhas (www.myspace.com/richardpinhas)
David Fenech / Jac Berrocal / Ghedalia Tazartès (www.myspace.com/davidfenech)
Général Alcazar (www.myspace.com/generalcazar)
Kawaii (www.myspace.com/kawaiimusic)
— My Favourite Sideburns Orchestra (www.myspace.com/myfavoritesideburnsorchestra)
— Lionel Fondeville (www.myspace.com/touslesfilms)
— Tycho Brahé (www.myspace.com/tychobraheband)
Chapi Chapo & les petites musiques de pluie (www.myspace.com/chapichapooo)
— Orso Jesenka (www.myspace.com/orsojesenska)
— Witold Bolik Project (www.myspace.com/dewitoldbolikprojekt)
— Yeepee (www.myspace.com/yeepee)

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Artomatic Improv Show in DC, May 30

From Sonic Circuits:

Artomatic is a month-long multimedia arts event that draws together visual artists, musicians and performers and brings their work to the community. Artomatic is free and open to everyone. The event is being held in a building that is atop the Navy Yard Metro Station on Artomatic’s Cabaret Stage 2nd floor. Appearing will be some of DC’s finest proponents of experimental music:

Robert Blake Highway 4pm
Kingdom of Sharks 430pm
Sean Peoples 5pm
Layne Garrett 530pm
Dave Vosh Logan Mitchell Sr. 6pm
Nine Strings 630pm
Fast Forty 7pm
RDK 730pm
Soft Pieces 8pm
BLK w/ BEAR VJ Poppins 830pm
Pilesar 9pm
The Angus Brainpan 930pm
Tone Ghosting 10pm
Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble 1030pm
Second Land 11pm
Kuschty Rye Ergot 1130pm
Slug Bait 12am
Aerosolized Mucus 12:30am

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