New Concert Series at Brooklyn’s IBeam

Inaugurating a new concert series curated by Brooklyn-based composer/clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, the first installment of the Telluric Currents series will take place from June 19th-21st at Brooklyn’s IBeam. Future installments will occur once every three months for three nights, three sets per night.

Celebrating the diversity and creativity of New York’s underground musicians, each night of the series will present different groups of musicians who masterfully blur the lines between composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic music, subtlety and extremity. The current experimental music scene in New York is as vibrant as ever and the Telluric Currents Concert Series seeks to pay tribute to the richness of the current musical landscape.

Friday June 19th
8p Alex Chechile Solo
Jeremiah Cymerman/Matt Bauder/Josh Sinton Clarinet Trio 9p
10p Harris Eisenstadt/Ellery Eskelin Duo

Saturday June 20th
8p Woody Sullender Solo
Sam Amidon/Aaron Siegel Duo 9p
10p Peter Evans Solo

Sunday June 21st
8p Sergei Tcherepnin
Doron Sadja 9p
10p Katherine Young Ensemble

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Roulette in June

From New York‘s Roulette:

6/9: Angie Eng w/ Thierry Madiot: Rite Ways, Every Intentional Act is a Magical Act (work in progress)
6/10: Joseph Hannan: Varieties of Canine Experience
6/11: Urs Leimgruber meets Peter Evans & Okkyung Lee
6/12: Yvonne Meier: Gogolorez+
6/13: Paula Matthusen
6/16: Joel Kennedy & Ensemble
6/18: Matana Roberts‘ ILLUMINATION
6/19: ROULETE BENEFIT: DJ Olive, Okkyung Lee, Satoshi Takeishi, Elliot Sharp, Shoko Nagai + MORE. Curated by Shoko Nagai $20
6/20: David Means w/ Cyrus Pireh and Anthony Ptak: Tumbleweed

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Emanem & Psi Releases

Trumpeter Peter Evans
Image via Wikipedia

From Emanem & Psi:

Latest Emanem releases – available now:
5001 Veryan Weston ‘Allusions’ (2002) solo piano
5002 Okkyung Lee / Peter Evans / Steve Beresford ‘Check For Monsters’ (2008)
cello / trumpets / piano
5003 Milo Fine ‘Ananke’ (2006/7) mostly on piano
in trio with Jaron Childs (alto sax) & Davu Seru (drums) and solo
5004 Sophie Agnel ‘Capsizing Moments’ (2008) solo piano
5005 ARC ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (2008) Gus Garside, Sylvia Hallett & Danny Kingshill
5201 People Band ’69/70′ previously unissued

Latest psi releases – available now:
09.01 Evan Parker ‘Saxophone Solos’ (1975) reissue
09.02 Per Anders Nilsson / Sten Sandell / Raymond Strid ‘Beam Stone’ (2007)
09.03 Lawrence Casserley & Adam Linson ‘Integument’ (2007)
09.04 Agustí Fernández ‘Un llamp que no s’acaba mai’ (2007) with John Edwards & Mark Sanders
09.05/6 Peter Evans ‘Nature/Culture’ (2008) solo trumpet

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DMG Newsletter May 8th, 2009

From DMG:

Peter Evans solo 2 CD set! Keith Tippett Septet! Magma: Tokyo 2005! Marilyn Crispell Groups! KOJ & Louis Sclavis! Arne Henriksen With David Sylvian! J. G. Thirlwell (Foetus) Cartoon Music! Mike Patton Cranked Up! Ernst Reijseger!

Live DVDs from: Thirteenth Assembly [Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson, Jessica Pavone, Tomas Fujiwara], Michael Vlatkovich Qt, Weasel Walter Trio with Halvorson and Evans!

Richard Bliwas! Tom Hamilton! Throbbling [sic] Gristle! Jon Mueller tri-format release! David Rosenboom! Peter Garland! Evelyn Glennie! John Luther Adams!

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Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers)
Image by digital_freak via Flickr


September 22, 2008
Blancarte-Edwars-Evans-Flaherty-Jones-Walter, The Delancey
Tom Blancarte, Marc Edwards, Peter Evans, Paul Flaherty, Darius Jones, Weasel Walter
Cymerman-Gretz-Kozar-Pavone, The Delancey
Jeremiah Cymerman, Jeff Gretz, Andy Kozar, Jessica Pavone
Peter Evans & Weasel Walter, The Delancey
Peter Evans, Weasel Walter

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