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Liles, Andrew & Peron, Jean-Herve, “Fini!”, Dirter Productions, CD

Faust’s Jean-Herve Peron collaborates with Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound) on this playful romp of an album. This release is a fitting sister album to the Faust and Nurse With Wound collaboration Disconnected. It sounds like the two are having fun, there is an element of humor here. 14 tracks, ranging from 40 seconds to 8 minutes. Weird lyrics in French, English and German. A couple of tracks stand out as my favorites, most notably “The Drummer Is On Valium” which runs a little over 8 minutes. The final track “Fini” is instructions on how to make bread.

I Heart Lung – “Interoceans ” – [Asthmatic Kitty Records]

Organic collages with an occasional ambient free-jazz bent, from this duo comprised of guitarist Chris Schlarb and percussionist Tom Steck. Acoustic guitars and drums figure prominently throughout these medium-length tracks, with a nice assortment of other sounds (electric guitars including pedal steel, sitar, acoustic bass, trumpet, flugelhorn, clarinets, and electronic effects) swelling and receding in drifting layers, appropriate for these ocean-themed pieces. Aaron Ximm’s subtle field recordings fit the mood perfectly. Other notable guests include Nels Cline, Kris Tiner, and Lynn Johnston. This is carefully-assembled music with quiet, meditative passages and louder moments of extreme density as well. An outstanding effort.

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