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La Ira de Dios – Cosmos Kaos Destruction
La Ira de Dios are a Peruvian band with a penchant for some of the heaviest, most punked out space rock to come down the pike in recent memory. The band is known for their extended jams, but Cosmos Kaos Destruction changes direction, opting for a shorter, more concise tunes. I could lazily refer to their music as “stoner rock” because of some similarities to forebears from Hawkwind to early Monster Magnet, but that wouldn’t be giving the band their just due.

Brad Barr – The Fall Apartment: Instrumental Guitar
Brad Barr is best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the the Slip, who began as a jam band, and later transformed into an indie rock band. The Fall Apartment: Instrumental Guitar presents a different side of Barr to folks accustomed to his electric guitar riffing. The fact that this is on the highly esteemed Tompkins Square label gives you a hint that this is an acoustic guitar album, since that is what they deal in pretty much exclusively. And considering the breadth of different musicians on the label, there’s a consistence quality-wise which sits well above the bar.

Novi-Sad – Jailbirds
Jailbirds is the third album by Greek bourn sound artist and mood setter Thanasis Kaproulias & it that finds him offering up two lengthy- but utterly engrossing tracks that mix together field recordings, drone matter and emotional charged noise texturing.

Kylie Minoise – Live In Japan
Live in Japan finds a mixture of tracks that take in Kylie Minoise heady and creative live noise attack and quirky Japanese TV / field recordings cut-ups giving one the feeling of a noise tour travelogue really.

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