Bolage is a new label based out of Norway that has released a number of innovative jazz recordings.

For Bolage´s ninth release, guitar player Håvard Stubø has put together his dream band,
featuring some of Scandinavia´s strongest players. Stubø has composed a brand new
reportoire for the band, and this debut album was recorded while they were touring in
Norway in March 2009. The result: groovy acoustic jazz, inspired by Eddie Harris, Wayne
, John Scofield and Jim Hall, but also with clear references to newer Nordic/
European jazz. The album also features two beautiful originals by Torbjörn Zetterberg.

IPA: Lorena (BLGCD008)
Records like Lorena is the reason we started Bolage. We feel really priviliged to be able
to release this album; great music performed by great musicians. Atle, Ingebrigt and
Håkon, the guys behind Play Complete Communion (BLGCD005), have joined forces with
the fantastic Swedish trumpetplayer Magnus Broo and formed IPA. This debut album
consists of six exciting new compositions, all written by the bandmembers themselves.
Lorena is fresh, sparkling jazz of the highest quality.

CHROME HILL: Earthlings (BLGCD007)
We’re very excited about this one. Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby and Torstein Lofthus
on sax and drums play 9 disturbingly beautiful songs by guitarplayer Asbjørn Lerheim
with Roger Arntzen (Ballrogg, In the Country) on bass. Release November 17th.
Releaseparty at Victoria, Oslo Saturday November 15th.

Håvard Stubø (Jupiter) on guitar and the omnipresent Håkon M. Johansen on
drums team up with bass player extraordinaire Daniel Franck to play music
by jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery.
Catchy stuff indeed.

Atle Nymo (Motif) on saxophone, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Atomic) on bass,
and Håkon M. Johansen (Motif, Maryland) on drums take on Don Cherry‘s
classic 1965 suite, and the result is simply exhilarating.

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DC’s Nordic Jazz 09 Lineup Announced

From Black Plastic Bag:

Sunday, June 14 at 6 pm
Concert at the Embassy of Finland
Karikko (Finland)
Bjørn Solli Quartet (Norway)

Tuesday, June 16 at 6.30 pm
Concert on House of Sweden rooftop
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet (Sweden)
Karikko (Finland)
Søren Kjærgaard Trio (Denmark)

Wednesday, June 17 at 6.30 pm
Concert on House of Sweden Rooftop
The Sunna Gunnlaugs Quartet (Iceland)
Nils Petter Molvær & Arve Henriksen (Norway)
Jonas Kullhammar Quartet (Sweden)

Where: Embassy of Finland, 3301 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 (June 14) and Embassy of Sweden, House of Sweden, 2900 K Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007 (June 16 and 17)

When: June 14 at 6 pm, June 16 at 6.30 pm and June 17 at 6.30 pm
Tickets: Presale tickets only from ticketweb or 866 666 8932.
$25 per night; $50 for all three nights. (No ticket sales at the door.)

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Peter Brotzmann Tentet Interviewed

At least, half of the Tentet are represented in this 2005 interview.

There may not be a more creative group of artists anywhere within the boundaries of any art form than those within the Peter Brotzmann Tentet. These are individuals that comprehensively understand their responsibility to art and it is only through this level of integrity and creativity that art can, and will continue to move forward. Thus, it is completely mystifying and disheartening that this group of brilliant artists from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Chicago and New York remain relatively unknown outside of avant garde circles. They have created their own dimensions of sound, their own sonority of power and intensity, with shapes of silence that collide and separate at varying levels of speed and measurements of time. They have not introduced a new language as much as they invent new universes within fields of time and space through intellect, passion and importantly, attitude.

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