ESP-Disk’ Live Shows

ESP-Disk’ is kicking off a new series of shows in NY.

ESP-Disk’ is proud to announce a new monthly music series at the Jazz Lounge (520 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11205), starting Tuesday, October 6th. On the first Tuesday of every month, ESP will feature emerging artists from the New York music community as well as artists from the ESP-Disk’ catalog.

ESP-Disk’ LIVE @ The Jazz Lounge
Tuesday, October 6th 2009

Eli Keszler
Ashley Paul

Eli Keszler Live at the Mills Gallery by Rare Frequency.
Multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler is one of a coterie of exciting new Boston-based musicians whose music pushes the boundaries of noise, drones, improv, and electro-acoustic composition. Using a variety of percussion instruments, as well as guitar and electronics, Eli creates intense drones and fast, rhythmically complex pieces. In addition to his solo work, he currently plays in a number of ensembles including a new trio with keyboardist Anthony Coleman and reed-player/vocalist Ashley Paul, a duo with guitarist Geoff Mullen, and a longstanding partnership with fellow multi-instrumentalist Steve Pyne called Red Horse. He has a pair of CDs out on REL, both of which showcase his extraordinarily dynamic playing.

Hans Tammen “Endangered Guitar” (ESP 4031)

In hundreds of solo performances since 1993, Hans Tammen has explored the sounds of concert halls and small clubs with an assortment of mechanical contrivances applied to his modified “endangered” guitars, interactive software programming, and stereo and multichannel sound systems. His music has been described as an alien world of bizarre textures and a journey through the land of unending sonic operations.

His instrument is a hybrid between a guitar and a computer, designed to react with the resonant frequencies of the room. It constantly records his sounds, and the information from the analysis of these sounds and the playing determines a wide variety of processes. This makes every performance a site-specific one, bringing the sonic qualities of the surrounding conditions to the listener’s attention.

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Interview with Gordon Beeferman

Roulette NYC offers this interview.

GORDON BEEFERMAN is a composer and pianist whose work spans opera, orchestral and chamber music, improvisation, and collaborations with dance and other arts. On Tuesday, September 22nd Gordon presents “Music for an IMAGINARY BAND” – a (real) 7-piece group comprised of some of New York’s most uniquely creative musicians. The band explores the territory where classical ‘new-music,’ jazz and free improvisation intersect. Beeferman’s compositions range from the gnarly to the operatic, and are both incredibly detailed and very free.

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SFEMF 2009: 10th Anniversary Show Begins

The tenth annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival will take place Wednesday, September 16th through Saturday, September 19, 2009 at Brava Theater.

This year, SFEMF consists of four evenings of stimulating performances by internationally recognized artists and musicians in the electronic music field. In celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary, the festival will feature four of the original SFEMF organizers (Miya Masaoka, Pamela Z, Ed Osborn, and Donald Swearingen) – one on each of its four evenings.

2009 SFEMF artists are:

Mason Bates
Frank Bretschneider (Berlin)
Preshish Moments
Maria Chavez (New York)
Joan La Barbara (New York)
Lukas Ligeti (New York)
Miya Masaoka (New York)
Amy X Neuburg
Ed Osborn (Providence, RI)
Gino Robair
Donald Swearingen
Mark Trayle (Los Angeles)
Pamela Z

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Evan Parker Residency at the Stone: October 1-16

Evan Parker’s upcoming Stone residency is previewed:

John Zorn’s The Stone is affording New York experimental and improvisation audiences an extraordinary opportunity this October. Saxophonist Evan Parker will play over twenty concerts in an extended residency at the new venue.

Parker is well known both for his solo concerts and for his work in a variety of group contexts. On June 30, he released Moment’s Energy, ECM’s fifth recording of the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, a group of more than a dozen improvisers from a number of disparate musical traditions.

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October at Roulette

The October schedule from New York’s Roulette:

Fay Victor Ensemble “The FreeSongSuite”
Thurs Oct 1 – 8:30 PM

Bisio / Crothers
Fri Oct 2 – 8:30 PM

Jane Rigler Roulette CHILDREN’S CONCERT $5
Sat Oct 3 – 8:30 PM

Tom Hamilton & Bruce Eisenbeil w/ William Hooker
Sat Oct 3 – 8:30 PM

Alan Licht, Brian Chase, and Okkyung Lee
Sun Oct 4 – 8:30 PM

Adam Rudolph’s Go Organic Orchestra
Mon Oct 12, 19, 26 – 8:30 PM

Tue Oct 13 – 8:30 PM

Myra Melford‘s Happy Whistlings
Wed Oct 14 – 8:30 PM

Thu Oct 15 – 8:30 PM

HARVESTWORKS INSIDE: Shadow Puppies / Nicolas Collins vs. Nick Collins
Fri Oct 16 – 8:00 PM
please visit for info.

HARVESTWORKS INSIDE: Ikue Mori & LEMUR / Miya Masaoka / Peter Blasser / David Galbraith / Laetitia Sonami
Sat Oct 17 – 6:00 PM
please visit for info.

HARVESTWORKS INSIDE: Lucky Dragons / Joker Nies / Triple Point / Andrew Deutsch & Peer Bode / Moritz Wettstein
Sun Oct 18 – 6:00 PM
please visit for info.

Doron Sadja plays Doron Sadja
Wed Oct 21 – 8:30 PM

Okkyung Lee & Kjell Bjørgeengen
Thu Oct 22 – 8:30 PM

Whirrr! The Music of Jimmy Giuffre presented by Joel Harrison, George Schuller, Billy Drewes, Ohad Talmor, Jacob Garchik, Cameron Brown
Sat Oct 24 – 8:30 PM

Henry Threadgill
Sun Oct 25 – 8:30 PM

Pamela Z
Tue Oct 27 – 8:30 PM

Samuel Vriezen
Wed Oct 28 – 8:30 PM

Shayna Dulberger
Thu Oct 29 – 8:30 PM

Julia Heyward
Sat Oct 31 – 8:30 PM

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Artist Profile

Jim O’Rourke, Once an Insider, Worked Alone and on the Outside for ‘The Visitor’

Jim O’Rourke is profiled and his new release is discussed.

Mr. O’Rourke, 40, is about equally known for his own music — albums like “Eureka,” “Insignificance” and his remarkable new one, “The Visitor” — as for his work for other people. For about 10 years, starting in the mid-1990s, Mr. O’Rourke, based in Chicago and then New York, saw his craft, knowledge and legendarily selfless work ethic connect some far-apart poles in music: pop, improvised music, contemporary classical and noise.

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Out on New World Records

A new release from New World Records:

Andrew Byrne: White Bone Country

Andrew Byrne (b. 1966) has lived and worked mostly in New York since the early 1990s. This tripartite CD has a mobile-like character, working entirely with a fabric of piano and metal percussion in changing manners and images, all of them remote from the duo relationship of conventional chamber music. The central work Tracks is also the earliest one (composed 1998, revised 2006), and presents the solo piano in its most ‘normal’ sound and interaction with the player—a kind of journey, as the title suggests, within a den…

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AUM Fidelity To Present NYC Label Showcase October 15th

From Improvised Communications:

On Thursday, October 15th at 7:30 p.m., AUM Fidelity will present a label showcase at New York’s Abrons Arts Center featuring notable performances by three of its artists on one bill. The event will celebrate the release of alto saxophonist Darius Jones‘ debut recording as a bandleader, eminent saxophonist David S. Ware’s triumphant return to performing after a highly publicized kidney transplant in May, and the first performance of bassist William Parker’s acclaimed Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra in more than four years.

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Telluric Currents at Brooklyn’s IBeam

From the IBeam:

Continuing the new concert series curated by Brooklyn-based composer/clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, the second installment of the Telluric Currents series will take place September 25th and 26th at Brooklyn’s I-Beam. Future installments will occur once every three months for three nights, three sets per night.

Celebrating the diversity and creativity of New York’s underground musicians, each night of the series will present different groups of musicians who masterfully blur the lines between composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic music, subtlety and extremity. The current experimental music scene in New York is as vibrant as ever and the Telluric Currents Concert Series seeks to pay tribute to the richness of the current musical landscape.

Friday, September 25th

8p Jessica Pavone Solo
9p Anthony Coleman/Jeremiah Cymerman/Christopher Hoffman
10p Matthew Welch’s “Looking at Mondrian” performed by Shawn Onsgard

Saturday September 26th

8p Mario Diaz de Leon/Doron Sadja Duo
9p Ches Smith Solo
10p Jon Irabagon/Mike Pride Duo

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Coming up at Roulette: Three Nights of Sparks

Image of Nate Wooley from Facebook
Image of Nate Wooley

From New York’s Roulette:

Sparks (Peter Evans and Tom Blancarte) has been playing together since 2005. From the beginning of the formation of the duo, they have been constantly working to push their own boundaries of density and speed of interaction while freely improvising. They have performed extensively in New York City and the U.S., and have toured several times in Europe, performing at festivals such at Žedno uho 9 in Zagreb and at the Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade . Since their formation the duo has performed both as a self-contained unit and as a part of larger groups, including performances with Nate Wooley, Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink and Lisle Ellis. Their first (self-titled) CD was released in 2008 on Creative Sources.

Aug 24th @ 8:30
Cyber Sparks
Tonight they are joined by Sam Pluta, Nathan Davis, Adam Linson on electronics (Adam will be processing via the internet) and Kevin Shea on drums.

Aug 25th @ 8:30
(performing compositions by Evans and Blancarte)

Aug 26th @ 8:30
Sparks Orchestra
w/ Dan Blake, Okkyung Lee, Nate Wooley, Brondon Seabrook, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Dan Peck

Keeping in the spirit of density of information, Peter and Tom formed the Sparks Orchestra in late 2008. Using graphic scores that utilize the unique Sparks vocabulary, the Sparks Orchestra is a larger realization of hyperactive duo. A smaller ensemble had a performance in 2008 and the full group debuted at Roulette in March of 2009.

Electronics have provided another avenue for expansion; a performance with Joel Ryan at STEIM in the summer of 2008 and concerts with New York-based electronic musicians have led to the formation of this expanded group that features frequent collaborator Kevin Shea on drums.

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