Bhob Rainey and PDX Large Ensemble in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control: 1/10/09: Bhob Rainey and PDX Large Ensemle:

The Creative Music Guild presents improviser, composer, saxophonist and electronic musician Bhob Rainey.

When: 8 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10
Where: The Wail, 5135 NE 42nd Ave.,
Suggested donation: $7 general / $5 members & students

** This is an all ages show **

Rainey will be performing solo as well as leading a large ensemble including many of Portland’s finest improvisers and electronic musicians including:

Gregg Skloff
John Savage
Tyler Wilcox
Jef Brown
Peter Swanson
Thomas Garcia
Joel Pickard
J Morales
JP Jenkins
Ryan Stuewe
Mary Sue Tobin
Alyssa Reed
John Niekrasz
Matt Carlson

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Jessica Pavone + Curhachestra + Scopa Trio at Zebulon Nov 12th

A free(?) show coming to New York’s Zebulon:

November 12th
8:30 pm (free)
258 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3914
(718) 218-6934

Jessica Pavone presents:
Wordless songs inspired by life’s cast of characters
Jessica Pavone – violin, viola
Brandon Seabrook – guitar
Jonti Siman – eletric bass
Harris Eisenstadt – drums

Brian Drye (farfisa organ, synth)
Timothy Monaghan (drums, guitar)
Brandon Seabrook (electric guitar and banjo)
Christopher Tordini (bass)
Curha (alto trombone, guitar and other odd items).

The Curha-chestra is a group that strives to combine electronic music concepts with an acoustic mindset. Somehow, the music creates a thin line between new wave and old time with the ever-shifting orchestral possibilities keeping the sound fresh and interesting. Curtis Hasselbring is the creative voice behind the Curha-chestra. Under the moniker Curha, he has created a large body of works that are a combination of lo-fi electronics, sample-based technology and his own skills as a multi-instrumentalist/composer. Curha has also remixed the music of Slavic Soul Party, Golem and Frank London in addition to his self-made releases.

Brian Drye Presents:
Scopa Trio
Brian Drye – Trombone / Compositions
Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums
Geoff Kraly – Electric Bass

Brian Drye (Slavic Soul Party, Frank London, Firewater) has formed a new power trio with new compositions. These days, trombone is the new guitar.

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Avant Fairfax Returns Tomorrow

From Black Plastic Bag:

April’s inaugural Avant Fairfax festival was such a success that the organizers immediately turned around and starting working on the next installment. The second iteration of the festival is now upon us, and will feature a diverse lineup of eight performers (from the folk stylings of Max Ochs to the psych-rock of Dark Sea Dream and Gondola) as well as a short film.

It’s scheduled for 5pm-1am tomorrow, August 22, 2009; here’s hoping for tighter timing, as the original fest went overtime and forced headliners Cheer-Accident to cut their set short. The venue this time around is the ” . ” (Point in Space) Gallery in Fairfax City [3940 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030].

Max Ochs (BPB interview)
Scarcity of Tanks
Janel and Anthony
Dark Sea Dream
Chromatic Mysteries
Mark Fosson
Moon Pie with Doug Stailey

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Avant Rock Show in Paris

Short notice, as this show is scheduled for July 4th, but a great lineup nonetheless.

Schizophonic Cabaret – autour de Pascal Comelade

Faust (
Richard Pinhas (
David Fenech / Jac Berrocal / Ghedalia Tazartès (
Général Alcazar (
Kawaii (
— My Favourite Sideburns Orchestra (
— Lionel Fondeville (
— Tycho Brahé (
Chapi Chapo & les petites musiques de pluie (
— Orso Jesenka (
— Witold Bolik Project (
— Yeepee (

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Avant Post New Music Venue in NY

Avant Post is opening its doors for weird music. Here’s the scoop from Tonino Miano:

It’s called TEMPLE M (555W 141st street (& Broadway) New York, NY 10031.

Me and violist Frantz Loriot are running a monthly series (first sunday of the month) dedicated to avant garde / improv. Each performance is followed by an open session of free improvisation. The event is called THE AVANT POST.

May 3rd we’ll feature Michael Attias and Sean Conly in a new project (Think Shadow)

June 7th will be Franck Vigroux and Elliot Sharp

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Artist Profile

Contemporary Noise Sextet

The Contemporary Noise Sextet has been getting a lot of play recently here at AMN central. Aside from their recording and playing modern European-styled free jazz, we don’t know much about them. Nonetheless, check them out for a good listen.

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Performances Releases

Weasel Walter Events

A bunch of stuff coming up from Weasel Walter.

Drummer/composer/improviser Weasel Walter is visiting Bard College Thursday (3/5) to give a video lecture on “the NYC No-Wave sound, complete with rare footage and audio from bands involved in the movement.” (Walter wrote an introduction to Marc Masters’s book on the subject, No Wave.)

He then comes to Zebulon in Brooklyn on Saturday (3/7) for a jazz improv gig with NYC guitarist Mary Halvorson. The pair played together during Walter’s last NYC stint in September. Expect a disquieting, dynamics-filled set that touches on both Halvorson’s melodic debut CD, Dragon’s Head, and Walters’s tension-heavy drums.

Among the releases coming from WW’s ugEXPLODE label is a possible Walter/Halvorson/trumpeter Peter Evans CD-R, out this summer. From MySpace: “i’m toying with the idea of putting out some stuff of that trio from our previous gigs, but haven’t discussed it with them formally yet. there was a lot of video shot of two of the sept. shows, and we may release some of that as well.”

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Free Music

The Bureau of Nonstandards

The Bureau of Nonstandards offers a handful of very nice experimental tracks on MySpace.

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