Tom Baker Quartet/Anne La Berge/Radiosonde in Seattle

From WAYWARD MUSIC, on March 14:

The Tom Baker Quartet Tom Baker Quartet will share an intimate, acoustic set with Anne La Berge, a flutist from the Netherlands. Exploring the edges of jazz/chamber/improvised music. Radiosonde is a performance group that investigates integrating dance and music through structured improvisations. Consisting of 9 performers, the group is led by musician Tom Baker and dancer Beth Graczyk. Together they develop unified scores that often contain a set of events or rules coupled with potent poetic images. The musicians include Jesse Canterbury, Gregg Campbell, Brian Cobb, and Tom Baker and five virtuosic dancers including Alia Swersky, Corrie Befort, Ezra Dickenson, Sean Ryan, and Beth Graczyk.

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Another Electronic Musician, Patience (n5MD)
Perhaps “Another Electronic Musician” by name, but certainly not just another electronic musician by performance. First of all, few of the current younger (faster, louder) generation would take the word “patience” into their mouth, let alone title their album and practice it therein. Subtlety… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 08:20, 02 Mar 2009

Machinefabriek & Stephen Vitiello, Box Music (12k)
A collaboration that makes perfect sense, but which came about in a most unusual manner. Stephen Vitiello wrote from his home in Viriginia to Rutger Zuydervelt to order some CDs. An e-mail correspondence ensued and finally the two decided to collaborate. For two musicians so well-versed in… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 08:11, 02 Mar 2009

El Heath, A (Rather) Dead Sea Liner (CDR Dead Sea Liner)
El Heath plays sea shanties on deck of the ship of the damned, constantly struggling to be heard above the chatter and mumblings of its passangers. This five-track EP starts off sounding more like an old 78. El Heath performs on an out-of-tune piano further distorted by lo-fi recording acoustics… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:51, 02 Mar 2009

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Coming from Long Song Records

Nels Cline of WILCO with Norton Wisdom
Image by Kurt Christensen via Flickr

From Long Song Records:

Acoustic Guitar Trio – Vignes

VIGNES, unreleased live album by the Acoustic Guitar Trio, coming soon. The Acoustic Guitar Trio was a beautiful improvising trio. They were guitar masters Nels Cline, Jim McAuley and the late Rod Poole. Rod Poole, an unsung and sadly quite unknown guitar player suddenly died last year under tragic circumstances. Nels Cline said about Rod: “He was a true artist, probably a genius. He had an amazing capacity as both music fan and autodidact musician visionary”.

Nels and Jim Mc Auley want this live album to be a tribute to Rod and the fantastic music they played together. Jim McAuley says of “Vignes”: “surging drones, sparkling arpeggios and noisy prepared guitars. I feel it’s our best work”. The only recorded work by the AG3 so far is the self-titled and critically acclaimed cd released by the English label Incus in 2002.

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A Creative Commons License Is The Ultimate Music Promotion Tool

Creative commons licensed
Image by Smeerch via Flickr

A musician writes success through about giving his music away.

Previously I tried to sell my music on online mp3 shops and CDs – with mixed results (it’s difficult being an unknown artist). I sold a few copies – but eventually came to a realization I would rather have my music reach more ears as the money I was making was worth far less than the joy of being able to share it with others. Soon after that, I released my latest album along with a few of my older works under a creative commons license.

My goal with art shifted to purely enjoying the process, and I didn’t even worry about promoting it, I just uploaded it. And believe it or not, that’s when the real magic started to happen.

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