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AMN Reviews: Cecilia Lopez – Red/Machinic Fantasies [XI Records XI 140]

Sound recordings of multimedia events always present something of a conundrum: although a necessity for documenting the work, they necessarily leave some of it out. It’s a situation brought to mind by Cecelia Lopez’s Red/Machnic Fantasies, a 2-CD set capturing the audio of two mobile sound sculptures/installations by the Buenos Aires composer/electronics artist. Red, which makes up the first disc, is a three-movement, textural feedback piece for contact microphones and speakers embedded in a suspended net made of cables. As the net swings and wobbles, it sets up changing feedback relationships between the microphones and speakers. The second CD contains Machinic Fantasies, a cyclic, pulsating work for electronics and acoustic instruments. The mobile element in this work is provided by two “spinners” who hand-turn two large, perforated drums containing speakers. An array of microphones and speakers is positioned inside and outside the drums. The work’s source material includes recordings as well as live sound from trumpeter Joe Moffett and trombonist Christopher McIntyre. Although the recording does a good job of documenting the audio side of the two pieces, the performance and sculptural aspects of both Red and Machinic Fantasies seem to demand that the two works be experienced live in order to be enjoyed in all of their dimensions.

Daniel Barbiero

Free Music Performances

Open Ears Music – Marcello Benetti 19 Jan 10

From Open Ears Music:

This is the audio archive from 19 Jan 10. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Marcello Benetti (drums and compositions), Jeff Albert (trombone), James Singleton (bass), Will Thompson (keys)
Set 1 (mp3)
Set 2 (mp3)

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Free Music

Open Ears Music: NoJack July 28, 2009

More free, live improv goodness from Open Ears Music:

This is the audio archive from 28 July 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Musicians: Justin Peake (drums), Robin Boudreaux (saxes), Will Thompson (keys), Chris Alford (guitar)

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Free Music

Open Ears Music Audio Archive – Jimbo Walsh Quartet

Another free concert recording from Open Ears Music:

This is the audio archive from 19 May 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.


Jimbo Walsh keys, Tim McFatter sax, Josh Gouzy bass, Dave Cappello drums, & Janna Saslaw flute

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Rova’s Rovaté 2009

From Rova:

Rovaté 2009: Fissures, Futures (for Buckminster Fuller)

May 22 23, 2009, 8PM
Kanbar Hall, JCCSF
3200 California Street
Tickets: 415.292.1233 or
$24 public | $21 JCCSF members | $16 students

Buckminster Fuller drawing drawing by Buckminster Fuller

Rova Saxophone Quartet returns to Kanbar Hall for another no-sounds-barred evening of improvisatory collaboration. Acclaimed Berlin-based multimedia artist/wunderkind Lillevan, joins international music giants from the field of improvised music to perform Fissures, Futures, a set of pieces dedicated to the visionary genius that was Buckminster Fuller. Live music and digital animation will lock themselves into a continuous feedback loop – with the music influencing the real-time films’ creation and the film images inspiring the music. Not to be missed. Both shows will be recorded live for future DVD release.

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AMN Podcast: Bertram Turetzky, Damon Smith – Thoughtbeetle

ThoughtbeetleBertram Turetzky, Damon Smith
“Vulturegrip” (mp3)
from “Thoughtbeetle”
(Balance Point Acoustics)

More On This Album

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