New on Important Records

From Important Records:

Faulty (Broken Orbit)

Faulty (Broken Orbit) re-imagines Faulty (Per-Objective), an hour long 10-channel site-specific audio work, premiered in 2007 at Diapason gallery for sound in NYC, with sponsorship from Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center and the New York Electronic Arts Festival…… (more)

Jozef Van Wissem .
It Is All That Is Made

Brand new full length comprised of six compositions from acclaimed lutenist and James Blackshaw Brethren Of The Free Spirit bandmate Jozef Van Wissem. This stunning record consists of six trance inducing circular pieces composed for 10 course renaissance – and 13 course baroque lute. ….. (more)

13 Japanese Birds Vol. 3: Yurikamome

Subscription & deluxe bamboo box available.
Part three of a 13 cd/ 13 month series. Each release is strictly limited to 1000 copies and will not be repressed.
….. (more)

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Free Music

Good Stuff from Free Albums Galore

Free Albums Galore offers several new AMN-approved listings.

Eugene Lee – Meditations
Genre: Avant-Garde, Jazz

Eugene Lee has proven he is a talented artist in the avant-garde circles with his last free online album titled Srivbanacore but this time he’s doing something that is a bit different. On Meditations, he is entering an area that has been explored by such jazz legends as John Coltrane and Tony Scott but rather than simply creating music for meditation, Lee is probing what goes on during the act, the deep and serene calm but also the busy traffic of thought that always emerge in the practitioner as he learns this skill. With the exception of “Nightmare” this is a solo endeavor using some electronic enhancement and overlays. It is a tour de force of saxophone virtuosity yet becomes more than fancy playing. Being a daily meditator myself, I really sense Lee has succeeded in his goal. “Candles” is a beautiful array of slow melodic lines while “Conscience” and “Locus” deftly displays that turbulence in the mind that is always there. “Immortality” is a haunting three minutes of echoes and drones. “Nightmare” is the odd man out, a quartet number with pianist Ben Stepner, bassist Robin Betton and Brent Raskind on drums. It gives you a peek at what Lee is normally up to and it is a marvelous bit of ensemble playing but still sounds a bit out of place here. This album may be an experiment but it is a fairly successful one.

Squadra Omega – two albums
Genre: Rock, Avant-Garde, Improvisation, Psychedelia

Squadra Omega is an Italian psychedelic free-form jam band that knows how to bend your ears. From the first onslaught of sax, guitars and drums on Tenebroso I was spellbound. The 20 minute single track album was recorded in one live take with an intensity that few artists can keep going for that duration. This is a free improvisation spree complete with all the mistakes and risks that make this form of live art so…well…alive. The tracks starts in full throttle and continues with an almost shamanic dedication, a full volume free jazz chant. It is The Grateful Dead, Sun Ra and Coltrane all rolled together in one night of all joy and dread abandoned. If you haven’t guessed, I love this album. This is some of the best free improvisation you will find in avant jazz and rock. This gem of a live session is brought to you by The Clinical Archives net label and is available in 320kbps MP3 format.

Rennes Le Chateau from the Vuoto net label didn’t send me waxing poetically like the former album did but it did verify my first perception that Squadra Omega is an unique and exceptional ensemble of musicians. Like Tenebroso It is a 20 minute long free-form jam that keeps your interest throughout. There’s a lot of 70s jam rock influence in this album but I find the way these artists interact and mix their influences together totally 21st century. There are traces of The Dead, electronic sampling, mid-east tonalities, free jazz, and even the ghost of Link Wray’s guitar in this jam and all of it makes sense in some musically chaotic definition of normality. I’m hooked on this band. Rennes Le Chateau is available in 320kbps MP3.

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AMN Podcast: Bertram Turetzky, Damon Smith – Thoughtbeetle

ThoughtbeetleBertram Turetzky, Damon Smith
“Vulturegrip” (mp3)
from “Thoughtbeetle”
(Balance Point Acoustics)

More On This Album

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A Creative Commons License Is The Ultimate Music Promotion Tool

Creative commons licensed
Image by Smeerch via Flickr

A musician writes success through about giving his music away.

Previously I tried to sell my music on online mp3 shops and CDs – with mixed results (it’s difficult being an unknown artist). I sold a few copies – but eventually came to a realization I would rather have my music reach more ears as the money I was making was worth far less than the joy of being able to share it with others. Soon after that, I released my latest album along with a few of my older works under a creative commons license.

My goal with art shifted to purely enjoying the process, and I didn’t even worry about promoting it, I just uploaded it. And believe it or not, that’s when the real magic started to happen.

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