Avant Fairfax Returns Tomorrow

From Black Plastic Bag:

April’s inaugural Avant Fairfax festival was such a success that the organizers immediately turned around and starting working on the next installment. The second iteration of the festival is now upon us, and will feature a diverse lineup of eight performers (from the folk stylings of Max Ochs to the psych-rock of Dark Sea Dream and Gondola) as well as a short film.

It’s scheduled for 5pm-1am tomorrow, August 22, 2009; here’s hoping for tighter timing, as the original fest went overtime and forced headliners Cheer-Accident to cut their set short. The venue this time around is the ” . ” (Point in Space) Gallery in Fairfax City [3940 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030].

Max Ochs (BPB interview)
Scarcity of Tanks
Janel and Anthony
Dark Sea Dream
Chromatic Mysteries
Mark Fosson
Moon Pie with Doug Stailey

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Pousseur on film

From Classical-Drone, a review of a new Henri Pousseur DVD.

A few years ago, Belgian composer Henri Pousseur donated all of his papers to the Paul Sacher Foundation in Switzerland. For his fourth trip to deliver his archives, he was accompanied by filmmakers Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé. The resulting documentary, Hommage au Sauvage, was released on DVD by Sub Rosa‘s video branch, OME. Most of the film is Pousseur seated in the back seat with the camera fixed in the same position, talking about various topics from the history and theory of the avant-garde to his views on aesthetics and the open work. Most of the chat relates to his music, although he also recounts a few personal moments of special significance. There are some sequences filmed at the Sacher Foundation, going over some of his papers with the archivists. What comes across most vividly in this 52-minute film is Pousseur’s engaging personality and his incisive attitude.

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Bagatellen Reviews

From Bagatellen:

Joe McPhee — Angels, Devils & Haints (CjR)

In the many years that I’ve known Craig Johnson, his appetite for music — the kind one would expect to find among college students, debating the merits or lineage of any particular artist into the wee hours — remains insatiable, relieved perhaps by an expansive and steadily growing music and film collections, a neatly […]

Pavel Borodin – Speak Easy: The Loft Concert (DVD)

Cologne’s Loft has become a hunting reserve for Pavel Borodin’s shooting of improvising artists (pun intended). After last year’s excellent documentary on Elliott Sharp, The Velocity Of Hue (for which, reports the director, no willing label was found for distribution – a shame, given the quality of that particular work), we’re now able to watch […]

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DMG Newsletter June 6th, 2009

From DMG:

Sun Ra Arkestra! Steve Lehman Octet! Jim Black‘s Alasnoaxi! Jerry Granelli’s V16 with Dave Tronzo! Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio Han Bennink DVD! Andy Milne & Benoit Delbecq! Henry Hills DVD! Hypnotic Brass Band!

Spunk, Trad Gras Och Stenar! Bob Moses /Dave Liebman/Jeanne Lee! Long Arms Label from Russia!

Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry! Albert Ayler Box-Set Sale! Six Rare Box-Sets from Jimi Hendrix and the Not Two label!

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