New Releases on Utech Records

From Utech:

Artist: Calcination
Released: March 28, 2009
Antoine Chessex: tenor sax, electronics, amp.
Ktho Zoid: guitar, electronics, amp.

Calcination is the first stage in the process of alchemical transformation, the administration of heat until a given substance is reduced to ash. It is often symbolized by sulfuric acid, a powerful corrosive that eats away flesh and reacts with all metals except gold. In sociological terms, the fire of calcination represents turning to dust/life and death. Antoine Chessex (Monno) and Ktho Zoid approach their music similarly, burning through dense layers of sax and guitar. Amplification, feedback and reduction are applied until an impenetrable resin remains.

Artist: Guillaume Gargaud
Title: She
Released: March 28, 2009

French improviser Guillaume Gargaud offers a recording of incisive sound, exposed through the glass of guitar and electronics. Subtly weaving dark sinew with touches of mysticism, She reveals a fabric threaded with beauty, malaise and acrid whispers. An unnerving and august collection of songs.

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