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Jasper TX – Singing Stones
By Paul Baran ? March 15, 2009 ? Post a comment

Over the last few years, Gothenburg’s Dag Rosenqvist has been quietly assembling an emotionally charged back catalogue of sonic naturalism, with releases such as the The Darkness and last year’s Black Sleep, making us take notice of an emerging talent. But his Bergmanesque take on a desolate ambient Americana has at last finally […]

Milo Fine – Ananke
By Massimo Ricci ? March 12, 2009 ? One comment

This CD features two different sets by self-taught multi-instrumentalist Milo Fine – a solo performance and a trio with saxophonist Jaron Childs and drummer Davu Seru, respectively recorded in 2006 and 2007 at the Acadia Cabaret Theatre of Minneapolis. Throughout both, Fine exclusively played a semi-wrecked, detuned piano (previously donated to Acadia by a woman […]

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