Upsilon Acrux’s European Tour

Tour dates are available (via the link) from Upsilon Acrux:

Upsilon Acrux (Los Angeles, CA, USA), an instrumental quintet (dual guitars, keyboards, bass and drums), is one of the most creative, original and sonically spellbinding bands on the U.S.A.’s thriving post-punk, avant-garde rock scene. Cuneiform Records has just released Radian Futura, the band’s sixth album of explosive, intense and surprisingly beautiful intricate, instrumental rock, which is generating praise and attention for the band in the music press. But in addition to such acclaimed recordings, Upsilon Acrux is reknown for presenting brutally intense live shows. Based on the West Coast, the band is a regular on the circuit of L.A.’s legendary venue, the Smell, where it continues to develop its uncompromising sound. Upsilon Acrux has shared the stage with such acts as The Boredoms, The Ruins, Mission of Burma, the Locust, Don Caballero, Bad Dudes, the Fucking Champs, Dillinger Escape Plan, Cattle Decapitation, Black Heart Procession, Hella, Lightning Bolt, Marnie Stern, Flying Luttenbachers, Orthrelm, Time of Orchids, Experimental Dental School, Truman’s Water and Mick Barr. Never seen on stage before outside the USA, the band will tour Europe for the first time ever in September and October 2009. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of Upsilon Acrux’s legendary live performances in Continental Europe and the UK!!

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