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Interview with Matana Roberts

From New York’s Roulette:

On Thursday, June 18th at 8:30pm, Matana Roberts presents ILLUMINATION, a collection of sound paintings that testify to why any artist would chose to live in New York in the first place. A city unlike any other, with an artistic spirit unlike any other. An Illumination in sound, space, real time. A testament to the tenacity of the creative human spirit.

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Brotzmann / Pliakas / Wertmuller on Tour

From Marino Pliakas:

Peter Brotzmann (GER), Reeds
Marino Pliakas (CH), E-Bass
Michael Wertmueller (CH), Drums

June 9 – Pittsburgh, PA : New Hazlett Theater,
June 10 – Baltimore, MD: The Windup Space,
June 11 – Washington, DC: Velvet Lounge,
June 12 – St.Louis, MO: LEMP Arts Center,
June 13 – Chicago, IL: Empty Bottle,
June 14 – New York, NYC: Vision Festival, Abrons Art Center – 466 Grand Street,

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Interview with David Rosenbloom

From the Roulette:

David Rosenbloom has been active as a musician, composer, and painter in New York since the late 70’s no wave period. His projects have included the Electric Chorus & Orchestra, Chinese Puzzle, The Experimental Chorus, and the Outlanders; he performed, toured and recorded with Glenn Branca, and was a member of Rhys Chatham’s early band Meltdown. His work tends to focus on sonic and structural experimentation with an emphasis on dense, melodic textures. He has worked with bassist David Hofstra for over two decades, and has in recent years worked with Stephen Moses in multiple scenarios.

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Ras Moshe Ensemble in Syracuse

From New Thing Productions:

Thank you to everyone that came to the show last night, as usual, Thinguma*jigSaw put on such a nice intimate show that again made me think about picking up the saw as a musical instrument.

So hot on the feet of this last gig, here is another one for you. Free jazz for your head. Come on out and support live music.

May 30th @ 8pm
Ras Moshe Ensemble featuring Matt Lavelle, David Miller, Tor Yochai Snyder, Shayna Dulberger

Ras Moshe has been playing in various groups throughout New York City for almost twenty years, with William Hooker, Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell, Marc Edwards and others. His style has been compared to post-1965 John Coltrane and Frank Wright, among others. Born and raised in New York, and with a family history rich in the jazz tradition, Ras has uniquely positioned himself to bring the lineage of free jazz into the present day.

$5.00 to $10.00 donation

Metropolis Underground
615 S. Main St. (backside of building)
N. Syracuse, NY 13212

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Roulette in June

From New York‘s Roulette:

6/9: Angie Eng w/ Thierry Madiot: Rite Ways, Every Intentional Act is a Magical Act (work in progress)
6/10: Joseph Hannan: Varieties of Canine Experience
6/11: Urs Leimgruber meets Peter Evans & Okkyung Lee
6/12: Yvonne Meier: Gogolorez+
6/13: Paula Matthusen
6/16: Joel Kennedy & Ensemble
6/18: Matana Roberts‘ ILLUMINATION
6/19: ROULETE BENEFIT: DJ Olive, Okkyung Lee, Satoshi Takeishi, Elliot Sharp, Shoko Nagai + MORE. Curated by Shoko Nagai $20
6/20: David Means w/ Cyrus Pireh and Anthony Ptak: Tumbleweed

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Marc Ribot Plans May Retrospective

From (of all places) Billboard:

Veteran jazz guitarist Marc Ribot will celebrate his 55th birthday this May with a career-spanning, week-long musical retrospective in New York City. Ribot will visit many of his critically acclaimed projects, including the Los Cubanos Postizos, his ode to Cuban roots music; the Young Philadelphians; and his Albert Ayler-influenced group, Spiritual Unity.

Here is Marc Ribot’s Retrospective Schedule:

May 9: Marc Ribot with Marco Cappelli & Ensemble Dissonanzen (Brecht Forum, New York)
May 10: Marc Ribot with Los Cubanos Postizos, Cotito, and La Cumbiamba eNeYe (Rose Live Music, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
May 12: Marc Ribot solo, Marc Ribot with Shrek & Rootless Cosmopolitans (The Stone, New York)
May 13: Marc Ribot Trio and Spiritual Unity (Joe’s Pub, New York)
May 14: Marc Ribot plays Frantz Casseus with Marco Cappelli & Marc Ribot with Sun Ship (The Stone, New York)
May 15: Marc Ribot with Los Cubanos Postizos, Cotito, and La Cumbiamba eNeYe (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)
May 16: Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog and Marc Ribot and the Young Philadelphians (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)

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Performances Reviews

Excursion to the Left Coast: John Zorn @ Yoshi’s San Francisco

Masada (via

From Black Plastic Bag:

I recently flew across the country to watch a New York musician play a series of concerts in San Francisco. If that doesn’t seem to make much sense, consider that downtown legend John Zorn, a recent recipient of the half-a-million-bucks Macarthur “Genius” grant, almost never plays live except in New York City and Europe. But last week, he did a six-night residency at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, showcasing a different band each night, all but one playing material from his Masada songbook of tunes based on traditional Jewish scales and melodies.

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Performances Reviews

Bay Area alive with new music

New music in the San Fran area is reviewed.

In the ’60s and ’70s, the Bay Area was a new music mecca. Minimalism was forged there. East mingled with West. Electronic music came of age. Such European avant-garde composers as Luciano Berio, György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen joined the scene. After graduating from Harvard, John Adams hopped in a Volkswagen bus and headed for Northern California.

Our current century rejects headquarters. San Francisco is now but one of many centers in a multi-centered universe. But pick a good weekend and the Bay Area still hops. Last weekend was a good weekend — as well as something of a preview of upcoming concerts in Southern California — and here is a diary of a writer trying to get a handle on it all.

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Fast ‘N’ Bulbous in New York Tonight

From Captain Beefheart Up Sifter:

We’ve just received an announcement about the Fast ‘N’ Bulbous performance scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th in New York.

Fast ‘N’ Bulbous performs at (Le) Poisson Rouge Tuesday March 10th 2009.

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Tom Hull’s Jazz Reviews

A few more from reviewer Tom Hull:

Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii: Chun
Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York: Summer Suite
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya: Sanrei
Satoko Fujii Ma-Do: Heat Wave
Curlew: 1st Album/Live at CBGB 1980
Eri Yamamoto: Duologue
Maurice Horsthuis: Elastic Jargon
William Parker Quartet: Petit Oiseau
Misha Alperin: Her First Dance
Evan Parker/The Transatlantic Art Ensemble: Boustrophedon
Bobby Previte & the New Bump: Set the Alarm for Monday
Kieran Hebden/Steve Reid: NYC

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