Marc Ribot Plans May Retrospective

From (of all places) Billboard:

Veteran jazz guitarist Marc Ribot will celebrate his 55th birthday this May with a career-spanning, week-long musical retrospective in New York City. Ribot will visit many of his critically acclaimed projects, including the Los Cubanos Postizos, his ode to Cuban roots music; the Young Philadelphians; and his Albert Ayler-influenced group, Spiritual Unity.

Here is Marc Ribot’s Retrospective Schedule:

May 9: Marc Ribot with Marco Cappelli & Ensemble Dissonanzen (Brecht Forum, New York)
May 10: Marc Ribot with Los Cubanos Postizos, Cotito, and La Cumbiamba eNeYe (Rose Live Music, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
May 12: Marc Ribot solo, Marc Ribot with Shrek & Rootless Cosmopolitans (The Stone, New York)
May 13: Marc Ribot Trio and Spiritual Unity (Joe’s Pub, New York)
May 14: Marc Ribot plays Frantz Casseus with Marco Cappelli & Marc Ribot with Sun Ship (The Stone, New York)
May 15: Marc Ribot with Los Cubanos Postizos, Cotito, and La Cumbiamba eNeYe (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)
May 16: Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog and Marc Ribot and the Young Philadelphians (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)

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Roger Kleier: New CD, Live Performance

Roger Kleier has a few words to share about a CD releases and an upcoming New York performance.

Roger Kleier’s “El Pocho Loco” Project
Tuesday, February 17, 8:30 PM
Roulette (at Location One)
20 Greene Street, New York City, between Canal & Grand Streets.
Admission $15, (DTW, Harvestworks, Seniors, Under 30, and Students $10)
212 219 8242

This concert is the premiere performance of “El Pocho Loco”, Roger Kleier’s new quartet,
and celebrates the release of his new CD “The Night Has Many Hours”.
Roger Kleier (guitar), Annie Gosfield (keyboards), Trevor Dunn (bass), Ches Smith (drums and percussion)

Join us as we charge through noisy guitar instrumentals, twangy improvisation, and mangled, tangled, and newfangled electric sounds. Led by downtown stalwart guitarist/composer Roger Kleier, the band includes innovative percussionist Ches Smith, who has worked with Marc Ribot and his own project Good for Cows; bassist Trevor Dunn from the influential band Mr. Bungle and John Zorn‘s Electric Masada; and keyboardist Annie Gosfield, a composer with three releases on the Tzadik label.

Roger’s newest CD release, “The Night Has Many Hours” (Innova 685), is a collection of Kleier’s personal vocabulary of manipulated guitar sounds and electronic effluvia incorporated into fully notated compositions, driving instrumentals, and pure texture. It features a three movement piece for cello and electronically altered guitar performed by ex-Kronos cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, titled “What Is The Price Of Iron?”, and a ripping organ solo by composer Annie Gosfield. “The Night Has Many Hours” consists of 11 diverse pieces Inspired by urban chaos, cold and icy winters, deserted alleyways, dark subway tunnels, rolling California hillsides, and even an occasional quiet pool of beauty.

Roger says of the CD:

This CD is the final third of a trilogy that includes my previous two releases “KlangenBang” and “Deep Night, Deep Autumn”. The entire trilogy has been a while in the making, but, at last, here it is…

I have always enjoyed the works of fiction writers who have main characters that reappear in sequential novels, especially noir masters like Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley, and William Gibson. For my three solo CDs, I have thought of my own guitar playing and the sound world it occupies as a “character” who shows up repeatedly in a myriad of musical situations, with each variation somehow related to the last one.

For the first part of the trilogy, “KlangenBang”, my musical character dealt with concert performance, improvisation, and song form. In “Deep Night…” this character explored a dark world of electronic manipulations and sinister development. For this final episode, “The Night Has Many Hours”, the guitar player character investigates the concept of variations in ambience. These ambiences might include those found in urban chaos, cold and icy winters, deserted alleyways, dark subway tunnels, rolling California hillsides, or even an occasional quiet pool of beauty…

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John Zorn at Henry Street

Concert of
Image via Wikipedia

Two John Zorn performances are coming to Henry Street Settlement in New York.

John Zorn: Masada Sextet
Friday, February 6 | 8 pm

John Zorn returns to the Abrons with the US premiere of his hot new Masada ensemble. The classic quartet of Zorn, Dave Douglas, Greg Cohen, and Joey Baron are augmented by the spectacular pianist Uri Caine and percussionist extraordinaire Cyro Baptista. The evening features two sets of Masada material old and new by this dynamic super band.

John Zorn: The Dreamers/O’o
Saturday, February 7| 8 pm

Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn.

Two sets of music presenting The Dreamers and the World Premiere of The Dreamers Volume 2 O’o in one exciting concert Named for an extinct Hawaiian bird whose delightful song will never be sung again, O’o is the exotic and charming follow up to The Dreamers, one of Zorn’s most appealing projects. Featuring the same dynamic band of masters from Zorn’s inner circle, O’o presents more lyrical and adventurous instrumentals exploring World Music, Surf, Exotica, Minimalism, Film Soundtracks and more.

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John Zorn at Yoshi’s

Concert of
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Zorn will be spending some time at Yoshi’s in San Francisco this March.

Sometimes a club is more than a club; it becomes an incubator. From March 11 through 15, Yoshi’s in San Francisco is bringing in saxophonist-composer John Zorn, still a radical at age 55, a man whose music ranges from roll-the-dice free improvisation to elastic, Ornette Coleman jazz, earsplitting punk-jazz, loungey surf-jazz, intimate chamber music and the Ennio Morricone songbook.

Each night at Yoshi’s, Zorn, who leads or composes for umpteen groups, will present a different band, including the Dreamers; Bar Kokhba; Masada String Trio; Electric Masada; and his Masada quartet, a fabulous band. It draws on Coleman and (like much of Zorn’s music) the yearning of Jewish folk forms; it features Zorn on alto saxophone, Dave Douglas on trumpet, Greg Cohen on bass and Joey Baron on drums. Other New York downtowners flying in to perform with one band or another include Marc Ribot, Kenny Wollesen, Erik Friedlander, Cyro Baptista, Mark Feldman, Jamie Saft and Ikue Mori. Tickets on sale soon: or (415) 655-5600.

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Ten Questions with Ches Smith

From Glowing Realm:

Ches Smith is a drummer/composer living in NY. He is an extremely busy and fast rising presence on the new music scene. If there was a tabloid covering free jazz, than he would have been caught by the paparazzi playing with such numerous figures as: Marc Ribot (in Ceramic Dog), Devin Hoff (in Good for Cows), Mary Halvorson, Tony Malaby (in These Arches), Xiu Xiu, Trevor Dunn (in Trio Convulsant), and many many more. Luckily Ches was able to take time out of his busy schedule to answer the Ten Questions.

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John Zorn, Lou Reed, Milford Graves & Marc Ribot Live in NY

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and John Zorn at the...
Image by wallyg via Flickr

Recent shows by various subsets of these four are reviewed.

One of these two John Zorn gigs cost more to enter than the other. One of them possibly featured a portion of its customers who might just have been hoping that one of its artists would sing, and play some non-improvised material. Lou Reed and John Zorn performed in January of 2008 at the latter’s Lower East Side venue The Stone, with a people-capacity of maybe sixty. In that joint, folks knew to expect the unexpected, but the freshly opened Poisson Rouge club in Greenwich Village has an as-yet untested demographic, even though its booking policy is turning out to be almost as adventurous as The Stone’s, particularly given its much larger size and very accessible location. So, Reed is in a decidedly improvisational mode (even though his roadie periodically seems to place sheets of paper on a music stand: do these contain musical notation, reminders for effects pedal settings, or incoming emails?), but this state should come as little surprise, as he’s been sculpting spontaneous ‘noise’ since the Velvet Underground days.

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All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

16-Nov-08 Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp: Multiplication Table, Abbey Road Duos, Un Piano & Cosmic Suite
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

16-Nov-08 Taylor Ho Bynum
Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (Hatology)
Reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

16-Nov-08 Paolo Angeli / Evan Parker / Ned Rothenberg
Free Zone Appleby 2007 (Psi)
Reviewed by Martin Longley

15-Nov-08 Medeski, Martin & Wood
Radiolarians 1 (Indirecto Records)
Reviewed by Doug Collette

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Henry Grimes in October

*description: Henry Grimes, Marshall Allen, Fr...
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A few shows this month from Mr. Grimes.

Tuesday, 14 October, O8: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Le Poisson Rouge formerly the Village Gate , 158 Bleecker St. betw. Sullivan & Thompson St s 3 blocks below Washington Sq. Park, New York City, 1O p.m., 212-5O5-3474, 612-735-8366,, calendar , 28323&sid tickets ,,,;

Thursday, 23 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Teatro Grazia Deledda, Vico Anjoi 5, Paulilatino Oristano , Sardinia, Italy,;

Friday, 24 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival, Teatro Comunale, Cormons Gorizia , Italy, 9:3O p.m. 21:3O , 39 348 446677O,, also playing in this festival: William Parker s Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield, Henry Threadgill, Randy Weston ;

Saturday, 25 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Club Uljanic, 4O Godina Tradicije, Pula, Croatia, 9 p.m. 21:OO ,;

Monday, 27 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Avant Music Festival at Firlej Music Club Osrodek Dzialan Artystycznych Firlej , ul. Grabiszynska 56, 53-5O4 Wroclaw, Poland, 8 p.m. 2O:OO , 48 O71 795 66 67, tickets O71 793 OO 27,,,, tickets Matthew Shipp and Kostas New Programm also playing that night ;

Tuesday, 28 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Jazz & Beyond at Gornoslaskie Centrum Kultury Upper Silesian Cultural Center , Plac Sejmu Slaskiego 2, 4O-O32 Katowice, Poland, 8 p.m. 2O:OO , 48 O 32 2553 8O6,,, tickets from Jazz Klubie Hipnoza, 32 785 71 3O or 31,;

Wednesday, 29 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, de Singel Internationale Kunstcampus, Desguinlei 25, B-2O18, Antwerp en , Belgium, 8 p.m. 2O:OO , 32 O 3 244 19 2O, 32 O 3 248 28 28,,,;

Thursday, 3O October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Maison de la Culture de Grenoble MC2 , 4 rue Paul Claudel, 38OOO Grenoble, France, 7:3O p.m. 19:3O , 33 O 1 3O 96 99 OO, O 4 76 OO 79 79, O 4 76 OO 79 12,,

Friday, 31 October: Marc Ribot trio featuring Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Salzburger JazzHerbst Festival at Stiegl Brauwelt, Kendlerstrasse 1, Salzburg, Austria, 1O:3O p.m. 22:3O , 43 O 6 62 83 87 O, 43 O 1 5O4 85 OO, 1373&type 1,,,, tickets This festival runs October 3Oth-November 9th and also includes Dave Douglas, Amina Claudine Myers, & many more, details at

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