Now Now Fest 2010

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From the NOW now, an organization that puts on improv music in Australia:

Our 9th festival is happening JAN Friday 22- Sunday 24 2010 in the Blue Mountains.

starring…THE SPLINTER ORCHESTRA, Mark Boar (damaged guitar, tapes); Kirsty Stegwazi (violin cello, etc), STREIFENJUNKO (NOR), Somaya Langley (electronics) & Jon Hunter (guitar, electronics), Kris Wanders (sax), Adam Sussman (guitar), Rory Brown (bass) & Mani Neumeier (drums), Rizili (vox, guitar); Martin Ng (tuntables, electronics);Borce Markovski (vocals); Mike Majkowski (vox), PEKING: Clare Cooper (bass guitar); Brendan Walls (guitar); Stu Olsen (drums), Ensemble playing various microtonal instruments of Kraig Grady, Kraig Grady, Terumi Narushima, Alex Masso, Fin Ryan, Laura Altman (clarinet); Rory Brown (double bass); Aemon Webb (electronics); Kim Myhr (guitar); Espen Reinertsen (tenor sax & flute), SIMS PROJECT: Claire Herbert (laptop/MAXMSP); Fred Rodrigues (laptop); Abel Cross (bass guitar, pedals); Adrian Klumpes (keys); Hirofumi Uchino (electronics); Tony Osbourne (vocals), QUINTET EXPERIMENTA (ARG): Adriana de los Santos (prepared piano, objects); Grod Morel (sampler, laptop); Claudio Calmens (electric guitar, wind instruments); Zypce (electric percussion, tuntable, CD); Claudio Koremblit (visuals, prepared electric guitar), POTATO MASTA: Hayato Yoshinari (electronics, vox), CHRONOX, Jon Rose (fence), Neill Duncan (sax,); Alex Masso (percussion, drums); Sam Pettigrew (double bass); Sam Dobson (double bass); Alister Spence (piano), ZEIT KUNST 6, Michel Doneda (sax); Kim Myhr (guitar, objects); Matthias Muche (trombone); Clayton Thomas (bugle, kazoo, etc); Sven Hahne (computer), Clare Cooper (Guzheng), NHOMEAS, JOEY AND THE CALYPSOES, Interactive Netball, facilitated by Jon Rose and lots more

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